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Inssssssstaaaaaaa! Just so you know, every time I say “Inssssstaaaaa!” in my head I’m pronouncing it like Marlon Brando says “Steeellllllaaaaaa!” in A Street Car Named Desire. Keep that in mind while you’re scrolling through these pics. Oh, and don’t forget to leave a comment and tell me who you’re favorite Instagram hotties are. I need new babes to follow!

Machine wash. Tumblr dry. . 📸 @rogerkisby

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📸 @rogerkisby

A photo posted by Riley Reid (@ryebreadwithbuddr) on

Laundry Day. . 📸 @rogerkisby

A photo posted by Riley Reid (@ryebreadwithbuddr) on

Riley Reid wins Instagram this week with a series of three pictures in her laundry room.



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Sorry. I’m somewhat obsessed with Leah Gotti this week. It’s those eyes. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. Also, her boobs are pretty phenomenal. They’re got that perfect fit-in-the-palm-of-my-hand shape.

Leah has an interesting background. In high school she was captain of the wrestling team, played softball and ran track. She graduated a year and a half early and went to college on a wrestling scholarship with a major in bio-technology and a minor in engineering.

That’s just impressive.

While in college she was working for the popular nightclub Dallas Entourage where she did a lot of hosting gigs. That how she met the owner of the Crown Plazas who hired her to work an event. The event turned out to be an Exxxotica Convention where she was persuaded to enter the Miss Exxxotica competition as a joke.

The joke was on all the other girls, though, because Gotti won the damn thing. The porn offers came rolling in and she finally gave in and did a scene with First Time Video Girls. Fast forward a few months and Leah is blowing up! Leah is only 19 years-old and she’s seriously kicking ass.

Oh, and she’s still in school and plans to open her own bio-tech company in the next five years. I mean, come on!



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Tallulah Willis is painfully cool. She’s part of that generation of celebrity kids that are famous for being famous. For some reason all you need these days to be a celebrity is to be the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, oh, and to post pics of your boobs on the Internet with semi-regular frequency.

One must not forget the boobie pics. Those are key to one’s level of fame in this Instagram age.

Bruce and Demi’s youngest daughter goes beyond your typical “free the nipple” Instagram photoshoot here and goes in for some staged masturbation in an bathroom. It’s kind of hot.

There’s her flaming orange hair. The color looks really good on her. I also dig the curls. That lipstick shade is to die for. I don’t mean me. I wouldn’t die for it, but if someone else died for it I might turn a blind eye. Those two color juxtaposed with the yellow tile of the bathroom cubicle really make everything pop, especially those over-sized white panties.

I dig the panties, because they look like men’s tighty whities, which comes across as kind of transgressive. And, of course, there’s the nice full breasts, the pierced nipple, and the hand down the underwear. Yup, it ALL works for me. All of it.

You can find these pics and more in Tyler Shields new photography art book titled Provocateur.

I don’t necessarily find these pictures provocative, but then again I’m not easily shocked. I’ve been reading the comments (never read the comments! Except Peeperz comments, because Peeperz is a safe place) and lots of people are being really freaking critical about these pictures.

Personally, I don’t get it. I think they are beautiful. Meanwhile, other people look at what I find beautiful and they can only spew hateful comments. One dude even managed to draw a parallel to Trump:

“And they criticised Donald Trump for locker room talk yet it’s ok for women to pose for filthy photos then complain when men make rude comments!!

Anyway, she looks like a man in drag.” [sic]

Really, dude? Really? You have to be such miserable fuck and a hateful douche to look at some arty nudes and somehow turn that into a Trump pseudo-defense. “Oh well, gee, you can’t really blame a guy for making comments about assaulting women when there’s all these naked women around.” IT MAKES ALL THE SENSE.

Oh God, I hate Trump so much. I’d rather loose some readers than have fans that are going to vote for him.

In summation, love boobies, hate Trump.

Now good day. I said GOOD DAY, sir!



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What has the world come to? WHAT?

Others, though, feel the development of the app demeans the role of the father in procreation. “”How much further can we go in the trivialisation of parenthood?” the Director of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, Josephine Quintavalle told The Times. “This is reproduction via the mobile phone. It’s digital dads… this is the ultimate denigration of fatherhood.”

In response, London Sperm Bank released a statement: “Ordering sperm from an online catalogue or an app does not trivialise treatment, and every step meets the requirements of the HFEA (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority).”

While the app is free (on iOS and Android), and only for UK residents, those interested in receiving a donation have to pay a £950 fee.Then the desired sperm is shipped to a fertility clinic of clients’ choosing.

While there are those who see “Order a Daddy” as a negative development, for people struggling to conceive it could very well be a big step forward.


This apparently. This is what the world has come to.



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on October 23, 2016

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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

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Image: Kylie Page in Math Can Be Stimulating by Brazzers


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