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Ah, the good ol’ days of Game of Thrones when the show was fresh enough and exciting enough to inspire a new generation of readers to pick up George R. R. Martin’s epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. 

These days the show still inspires a legion of rabid fans, but at the same time it has lost a little bit of it’s luster what with the fact that it seems like Martin will never actually get around to writing the next two book in the series.

Will we ever get The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring? The release date of TWOW keeps getting pushed back further and further, so at this point it doesn’t seem likely that the last two books of A Song of Ice and Fire will ever see the day.

Die hard fans can at the very least assuage their anxious trepidation for the books by watching the show and die hard fans of the show can await the seventh season by re-watching earlier seasons.

The first three seasons are especially stellar, because they feature one of my favorite characters: Ros, a prostitute of renown beauty played by Esme Bianco. Esme was the breakout star in the first few seasons as far as I’m concerned. Her beauty was only matched by her wit. The fact that she was killed off by that little shit Joffrey was a hard pill to swallow.

One of the best scenes of the entire show is when Littlefinger gives Ros and a new prostitute he just hired for his brothel a little class on how to get it on and get their clients off. It’s freaking hot and creepy and hot. My favorite combo!

Check out this photoshoot Esme Bianco did with Kristoffer Myhre a few years before Game of Thrones ever aired. You can see why they hired her to play Ros.



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You all know Mark Spiegler, right? He’s the man behind Spiegler Girls  one of the top talent agencies in the adult industry. He represents hotties such as Asa Akira, Riley Reid, Annika Albrite, Kira Noir, and AJ Applegate. It’s a good thing his agency is so well regarded, because the dude’s website looks like it was designed by some guy living in his mom’s basement. Shit needs to be updated STAT.

Anyhow, I was looking through Spiegler Girls the other day looking for new faces and that’s where I discovered Honey Gold.

“Spieglergirls don’t get fucked on camera. They DO the fucking!”

It was love at first sight. Honey Gold is GORGEOUS! You’ll invariably notice that she has that Skin Diamond vibe what with her alt style, but Honey is not a pale imitation, she’s her own woman through and through and there’s not one doubt in my mind that she’s about to blowup up all over the porn scene.

Honey Gold made her porn debut in January and her first scene with Burning Angel was released at the beginning of the month of March. That’s right, her first scene isn’t even a month old and people are already going nuts for this woman.

Honey’s first scene was with Small Hands (a.k.a. Joanna Angel’s husband) and at the time of filming he was only the third man she had ever had sex with. Crazy, right? I think it’s kind of cute, apparently she asked Joanna if it was okay and Joanna assured her that the whole have-sex-with-my-husband-while-I-watch-and-direct thing was totally normal. After that, things went really well to hear Honey tell it.

“They didn’t know what to expect from me and I was very thankful they were willing to be the first company to book me,” Gold says. “The chemistry and the dynamic in the scene is absolutely beautiful and one thing I liked about him is he allowed me to be myself because I can be very submissive, but I can also be very dominant.

“And he’s the only guy who let me smack him, ever, in my personal life or on camera. And the thrill of that was exciting. I absolutely loved it. I didn’t know I was capable of doing anything that I did during the scene until I did that scene. Like everything was just kind of carnal instinct which helped make it beautiful.”

Honey’s second scene was a triple blowjob with Chloe Couture, Leigh Raven, and Isiah Maxwell for Throated. You wouldn’t believe it after watching that scene, but that was the first time Honey Gold ever deep-throated someone, especially someone as big as Isiah Maxwell.

I’m not sure how many scenes Honey has done so far, but her fourth and latest scene (as of mid-March) was with Spanish sensation Ramon Nomar for Axel Braun’s Inked 3. I’m kind of curious about that scene, because I read Axel thought it would be funny/sexy if Ramon only spoke to Honey in Spanish the whole time so that she wouldn’t know what to expect and the two could have a really dynamic scene together.

I wish Greg Lansky worked with tattooed pornstars. I’d love to see Honey Gold do a scene for Blacked or Tushy.



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I’m having one of those days where work is making me super horny. Imagine trying to get things done when all you want to do is rub one out? It’s not very productive. I should just give up or turn my office chair into a sex machine. I’m sure I could find a way to strap a dildo to this old chair.

Be right back, going to look for a phallic shaped object and some duct tape.

Kira Noir is on fire.

Half of the hill kids are legal 🎉 @loganrae_hill

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Make it rain. Make it rain. Or, you know, Megan Rain. Megan Rain makes it rain semen. Semen ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Actually, Megan Rain chose that particular moniker, because she kind of looks like Megan Fox and she can squirt like a power hose. Truth be told, I have never seen her squirt so I don’t know if it’s like a power hose or more like a faucet drip. You’ll have to watch a few videos and report back.

I can’t want all the porn, OK!

During her short tenure in porn, Megan’s been nominated for all the awards:

My fave is the Spank Bank Awards where she won Porn’s Next Superstar.

Is Megan Rain porn’s next superstar? I feel like we need one. There’s a distinct lack of porn starlet’s who have been catapulted to XXX super stardom these days. All the big names seem to have taken a step back from the industry at this point in their careers. Except Riley Reed. She’s still doing the Riley Reid shtick.

Megan could very well be the next big thing. She gets my vote… if only because she has the most luxurious labia.




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Long dark hair, striking eyebrows, piercing eyes, fair skin, pouty red lips… I mean this is my high school fantasy girl come to life, I tell ya. And with a spanking fetish to boot. I’m pretty much in heaven.

Oh, I’m reminded of a story in Alison Tyler’s Wonderland where little riding hood is a college student who gets in trouble with a bookstore owner with a wolfish grin and a spanking fetish. Man, that story was hot. I really liked the fact that he spanked her bottom with a leather bound copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

I need to track down that book again and revisit that tale with an image of Pxie permanently affixed in my mind’s eye. She’s definitely the little red riding hood type. Only, the all grown up version!

In the photo gallery you can see a photoshoot I swiped from The Life Erotic where Pxie models for a photographer by the name of Higinio Domingo. So far Pxie has done two photoshoots I’m aware of and that’s it. That’s all the information I’ve got.

The information on this woman isn’t exactly plentiful, but I hope we continue to see more of her in the dark and sexy corners of the internet. We need more women like this one in our lives if only to soothe our souls and get our motors running in the cold winter of our discontent.

I’m not depressed, I swear. I’m just channeling Troy Dyer from Reality Bites. Jesus, that guy was an asshole.



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