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Yesterday was Columbus Day, or as I like to call it: Let’s Celebrate a Major Asshole Day! In Canada it’s also Thanksgiving, which is less about the Pilgrims massacring the Indians and more about going to church and praising those who once-upon-a-time tried to “kill the Indian, save the man.”

I know, it’s a happy day.* To celebrate this momentous occasion filled with a bloody past, I took a ski lift up the side of a mountain where I marveled at the view and all the colorful autumn leaves. I then walked back down said mountain thereby killing my legs, or at the very least making it impossible to walk anytime in the next week. Then I had pie.

Not that I need a mass murderer to celebrate to eat pie, but the pie makes the atrocities go down easier. At least that’s what I tell myself when I rub one out to pictures of Cora Keegan instead of helping to abolish Columbus Day.

I mean:



It’s not like I’d be much help what with my inability to walk without crying out in pain, but I should at least stop celebrating with the pie. Maybe if I stare at Cora Keegan long enough I’ll stop being a hypocrite and man up to the situation at hand.

If I stare too long, however, I start seeing Joe Rogan’s cooties all over Cora. Joe Rogan cooties are like Adam Levine cooties, once they’re on a girl they’re there for life. Cora cannot take enough showers, but then again, Cora loves Joe Rogan cooties, otherwise, she probably would have broken up with the host of Fear Factor by now.

I kid, I kid, I don’t know if Joe Rogan is a douche who leaves his cooties all over the place. All I know about the guy is that he played a kooky handyman on News Radio, a show I used to like in the day. That’s all I know, that and the fact that he has an incredibly hot girlfriend. I’m all about the mop of brown curly hair. Actually, everything about Cora Keegan scream gorgeous-sex-goddess to me.



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Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Lady Shiva are all stellar ladies from the Batman Universe, but those five characters don’t even scratch the surface when it comes to all the women who are crazy for the Bat. I mean, quite literally crazy. And by crazy for him, I mean, they generally want to kill him. Perhaps after a few rounds of Fuck, Marry, Kill.

I’m sure the following ladies would all be down for that.

5. The Ventriloquist


Because, bitchez be crazy. She’s in love with a dummy. Enough said.

4. Duela Dent


Known as The Joker’s Daughter, Duela Dent is a delusional schizophrenic who is obsessed with The Joker. In one of her storylines she gets the Dollmaker to sew The Joker’s face onto hers and she injects his blood into her veins so she can be his “real” daughter.



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Barley Marshall said officers turned a blind eye when she carried out sex acts with Ben Harwood during six-hour visits. At the time Harwood was serving 12 months in Nottingham prison for drug offences, aggravated burglary and possessing ammunition. But after a fall in July the 25-year-old was admitted to the Queen’s Medical Centre for 11 days, when Barley says the romps took place. Barley, 22, said they also ate KFC and burgers in bed while taking selfies. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star Sunday she said: “I couldn’t believe what we got away with. “We ate takeaways together and had some sexual fun – it was like being on a normal date. “I assumed security would be really strict because he was still serving time, even though he was injured – but nobody seemed to monitor us at all.” Harwood was taken to hospital after slipping in a prison corridor and breaking his leg in two places.


So… Basically, Nottingham is the UK’s Florida?!

If you needed any more evidence that the smartphone is the dominant computing platform, then Pornhub’s figures should probably convince you. Back in 2010, desktop browsing accounted for 88 percent of the site’s traffic, but in 2015, that figure has fallento just 37 percent. The rest of that figure is now accounted for by Android and iOS, with a near perfect split between the two (Android has 32 percent, iOS has 31). The company has also tracked the duration of each visit, and while the average iOS user lingering on the site for 8 minutes and 40 seconds — Android fans hang around for 10 minutes and six seconds.


Apparently, there’s also a link between the kind of phone you choose and the kind of porn you search for. Peepz who dig iPhones like bondage and fetish porn, while Android wankers tend to like thicker women. To get more details check out Pornhub Insights for the full scoop.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Verehoeven opened up about how he got away with showing such raunchy sex scenes in Basic Instinct:

Because it was a thriller, the idea that Sharon Stone could kill him during sex was always an element of protection. So we could show sex and nudity much longer than normal, because there was another element there — the element of threat.

By contrast, Verehoeven’s film Showgirls received an NC-17 rating almost exclusively for the amount of nudity it features. The story of Las Vegas strippers does not even include much in the way of actual sex or violence, but its sheer amount of full frontal nudity garnered it such a severe rating.


Gawd, it’s so frustrating. People are always getting their panties in a twist over nudity and sex, but gruesome murder?! Somehow that’s OK.

Image: Pornhub Insights

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Glasses aren’t just for cum-shot target practice. They’re good for seeing too! I’ve been rocking spectacles for a very long time, so when I see a hot pornstar wearing a pair, it makes it that much easier to insert myself into her position.

There is something hella hot about a woman who is able to keep her glasses on while she’s getting a hell of a pounding. It’s an art sometimes, especially when you’re getting face fucked by a guy who likes grabbing the sides of your head.

Since Girls with Glasses turn me on so much, I thought we could all get off together while we were watching some PornHub clips. You ready to go? I’m dying to start and my pussy is actually aching for it.

First up, we have Samantha Rone in a video for Naughty Bookworms. She’s getting some extra credit in with her favorite professor who is just about ready to make her fantasies come true. One inch of dick stretches her pussy enough to knock her flat on her back and beg for more.

This tattooed cuties is pierced and ready to play. Her head skills are crazy good and her quick tongue is good for dirty talking and cock sucking. When she looks over the top of her glasses, her big brown eyes are ready to seduce her fuck buddy with the camera and whoever is watching her at home.

There is no doubt that Penny Pax is sexy. When you put a pair of glasses on her face, it’s time to take a trip to Boner City. This clip shows off all her best features, including her talented throat.



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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning porn site for women & couples. With over 18 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

When I first started working in the adult industry around 20 years ago, I came in almost entirely ignorant of the vast scope of what qualifies as “porn.”

As someone first introduced to the form in the late 80’s, to me porn was something involving extreme mustaches, bad funk music and really big hair. It wasn’t until I started digitizing a wide variety of content for my first ‘porn job’ that I realized just how enormous and varied was the Porn Universe. (This was long before the launch of sites like Clips4Sale, where the tremendous breadth of porn’s ‘kink continuum’ can be observed at a glance.)

Back then, I was pretty easy to shock. Some of the videos I babysat through the encoding process depicted things so far beyond anything I’d ever imagined as sexual practices, I couldn’t fathom the idea of anyone actually enjoying them. I figured these people must be doing it entirely for the money – even when I wasn’t sure there was a viable commercial market for what I was seeing.



Friction Friday: “Vox” By Nicholson Baker Is My Fantasy Come True

October 9, 2015
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I just finished reading Vox by Nicholson Baker and I gotta say I was pretty impressed. It’s one of those books that feels like the author just reached into my brain and committed everything he saw in there to the page. In case you’re wondering, it’s about a man and a woman who have a phone conversation, […]

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Top 5: Batman’s Sexiest Female Villains Part 1

October 8, 2015
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DC Comics gets a lot of flack from people. All the “cool” Peepz are all over Marvel’s ass like it’s the holy grail of comic book imprints. True, different imprints have different styles, but DC isn’t all boring goody two shoes Superman comic books, it’s the Justice League, Suicide Squad, Constantine, Watchmen, and Batman, etc. Yes, […]

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Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Stephanie Seymour (1993)

October 8, 2015
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I love it when models whose careers are based on their ability to look good naked go porny and pose for skin mags. The funny thing is that these same models often do more risque photoshoot for fashion mags than they do for the porno mags. I mean, for crying out loud, Stephanie Seymour has […]

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Masturbation Roll

October 7, 2015
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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet: Katrina Jade’s Honeymoon Sex Tape – Nicole Kidman in Black and White – DrunkenStepfather Victoria’s Secret Model Martha Hunt Nude In Lui Magazine – CelebJihad Alessandra Ambrioso Nipple Pokes Pool Party – CelebSpank Zoe Kravitz Braless in White Lace Dress on the Catwalk […]

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Sex News: The Muppets, Conjugal Visits, & Hologram Sex

October 7, 2015
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The Muppets’ and sex: What you need to keep in mind (Fusion) Earlier this week, One Million Moms launched a courageous campaign against one of the greatest social evils of our time: the Muppets. The focus of the Christian advocacy group’s ire is The Muppets, the “perverted” new sitcom starring the puppet troupe created by […]

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