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And I don’t mean projectile semen. Although, that would have been cool. I’m talking about a model whose naked body was used as a projection screen resulting in a handful of artsy looking photographs. Photographs you can use to work up some of your own projectile semen. If you’re into that kind of thing. Fapping it to still photographs, I mean.

I would give my left nut to whoever can identify the source of the projected images in the first four photographs. I feel like it’s a movie I’ve seen but can’t quite remember. Obviously, I don’t have a left nut, but if you come up with an answer you definitely win the Internet and my undying love.

You know what else wins my undying love? A giant pair of pink lips projected onto a naked models ass. Because, that my friends, is artsy perfection. So is a mysterious hand projected on to a model’s ass. It’s all very lovely actually, like a living, breathing, fuckable canvas. All things I enjoy, especially the living part, because even though I enjoyed the movie Kissed, I prefer my fuckable bodies living. But I’m weird like that, so, you know, no judgments.


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Have you ever misplaced something for so long that you forgot about it, only to stumble upon it later on? This usually happens when I find a 20 dollar bill in a random pocket or dig my Gameboy Advance out of a junk drawer. For one Aberdeen woman finding trinkets like this is mere child’s play.

The unnamed 38-year-old checked into the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary after suffering from lethargy, shaking, and severe weight loss. Medics tried to figure out what was wrong with the woman but couldn’t identify what was causing her symptoms.

It was at this point doctors called for an x-ray and discovered the woman had a five-inch object inside of her body. After asking her what the object might be, she realized it was a sex toy she had used with her partner 10 years ago. Holy shit!



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on July 25, 2014

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Image: Capri Cavalli in Gymnast Tits by Brazzers


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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the web’s original porn site for women by women. With over 16 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

Nudity in America is an interesting topic: on one hand, Hollywood does its best to add sizzle to our screens, setting a lifestyle example that the marketers of Madison Avenue try to bring into our homes.

On the other hand, traditionalists and prudish conservatives are dismayed over the sexual liberation that was mainstreamed by the grandparents of today’s Millennial generation, which have grown up in a world where sitcoms, soap operas, Internet porn and video games have all made sex and nudity normal.

The prudes don’t care that “sex sells” and is natural and normal — they want to proclaim it indecent, obscene and “dirty” — as if the process of their own creation (which involved sex), was bad, and the design of their creator (who made us all naked), was somehow perverted: broken in a way that only human made clothes can fix.

Perhaps this attitude is due to a cultural overemphasis on penis size that leaves the unfortunately wee-willied feeling insecure, or perhaps it is the result of intense self-loathing that is so deeply rooted as to cause a revulsion from the natural process of child making?

One current example of the dichotomy in America’s tolerance towards nudity is a new TV reality show airing on VH1, called “Dating Naked,” in which fully nude contestants seek to find the love of their life — think of “The Bachelorette Gone Wild and you will be in the ballpark. Of course the naughty bits will be pixelated to protect sensitive viewers who may be offended by a glimpse of nudity while channel surfing — or the folks who did not understand that the show’s descriptive title actually meant that it contained nude people trying to enjoy a date in front of a film crew.

The naked dates include all sorts of fun activities, such as body painting and nude ziplining. Interestingly, Panama is the setting for the show, not the U.S. Perhaps this is a bow to American Puritanism, or just an exotic location to add a little more fantasy and sex appeal.



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What’s it like going for a run when your balls aren’t strapped in all nice and comfy like? For a chick, I can tell you that going for a jog without a good sports bra can be it’s own special hell, especially if you’re well endowed in the chest area. I can’t even imagine what it would be like in a strapless bra, as everyone knows, the least supportive of all the bras.

Somehow, though, when there’s a pair of bouncing boobs in my face I tend to forget about the pain and discomfort the person behind said boobs may be experiencing. I’m selfish like that. I care even less when said person is model Alexandria Morgan and she’s paid to run in a strapless bra for a commercial.

Unfortunately, Alexandria Morgan strapless bra running commercial was banned because of the wonderful bouncing boobs. Banning the commercial only served to make it news thereby increasing its popularity and visibility. If it weren’t for YouTube and the adrants article saying this commercial was banned, I never would have seen Alexandria’s spectacular bouncing boobs.

It would have been a shame, because it’s a clever ad. Until recently runners who wanted to accurately monitor their heart rate had to run with a tracking device strapped to their chest. No longer. TomTom’s Runner Cardio GPS Watch can keep track of your optimal heart rate and tell you were the hell you’re going at the touch of a button. No chest strap needed.



Suspected Thief Gives Officer The Ol’ Titty Slip

July 24, 2014
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Southern California is heating up and people are starting to act a little bit more crazy than usual. Crime rates always increase in the summer to make things even more interesting, everyone is wearing a lot less clothing. It’s like California becomes a less humid Florida for a couple months out of the year. Nobody […]

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Throwback Thursday Nudity Edition: Tera Patrick (Early Aughts?)

July 24, 2014
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Tera Patrick, tattooed Asian sex kitten with big fake boobs, used to be Tera Patrick natural beauty with big natural boobs and legions of fans. The fans are still there, but the Peepz who were there at the beginning of her career and who adored her natural curves were pissed as hell when Tera had […]

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Dude Made A Spreadsheet Detailing All The Times His Wife Said No

July 24, 2014
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Wow, talk about a dick move. The shittiest husband of all time sent his wife a spreadsheet detailing all the times she refused to have sex with him and the excuses she used. Mr. Husband of the Year sent this spreadsheet to her by email just as she left for a ten day business trip […]

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Masturbation Roll

July 23, 2014
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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet: UK Introduces Porn Censorship of Public Wi-Fi Spots – Irina Shayk Flashing Panty – DrunkenStepfather Nina Agdal Bikini Candids From Miami Beach – CelebJihad Jaclyn Swedberg Nude Busting Out Selfie – CelebSpank Selena Gomez Perky Pokies on the Sea – TaxiDriverMovie Candice Swanepoel […]

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Cristi From “This Voyeurs Life” Is A Splendid Breath Of Fresh Air

July 23, 2014
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I really like this photoshoot from “This Voyeurs Life.” Clearly, erotic model Cristi is stunning (more on that in a minute) but the photography itself is particularly well done. John Wehner is a master at capturing that moment… that moment you rarely see unless you’ve got a telephoto lens pointed at the apartment windows across […]

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