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Alyssa Arce has some of the most amazing tits I’ve ever seen. They were almost ruined for me when she posed for Uncle (Bad Touch) Terry Richardson, but the power of her boobs is so profound that nothing could ruin them for me. Well, except perhaps a ill-placed swastika. I definitely wouldn’t enjoy her boobs if she had a big ol’ swastika tattooed right in the middle of her chest, but Alyssa doesn’t have a big ol’ swastika tattooed in the middle of her chest, so I don’t have to worry about such concerns.

As far as I’m concerned, Alyssa Arce is not a racist, which makes her boobs that much easier to enjoy. Don’t you just hate it when you find out that a person you idealize turns out to be a total jackass, a homophone, or a racist?! Every time that happens, I can no longer enjoy that person’s work.

I was really bummed when I found out that Peter Sellers was a raging asshole, because for a while there I was quite obsessed with his work as an actor. I can still enjoy The Pink Panther movies, but it was easier when I was totally oblivious to the kind of person Sellers was in real life. That’s why you should never watch biopics or read biographies, because then you find out things like: John Lennon used to beat his wife, Charles Mingus pimped out his girlfriends, and, you know, Bill Cosby is the worst person ever.

Alyssa Arce is none of these things and thank the lord, because that picture of her lying on the side of a pool where light and shadow has created perfectly angled stripes on on her body is next to godliness. Next to godliness, I say.



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Before she did porn, Kayden Kross was your run of the mill stripper. The one day she got a boob job and she was making more than any of the other girls she worked with. It’s a pretty good boob job. Your mind doesn’t immediately go to “fake tits” when you look at her, which I appreciate, but I don’t really like the look of fake cantaloupe implants. They’re too hard an too hard.

Kayden’s tits looks soft and still a little squishy. She has great nipple too… they’re just begging to be sucked. A pleasure her hubby* Manuel Ferrara gets to indulge on a regular basis, the lucky bastard!

If you look at more recent pictures of Kayden you’d think she got a second boob job to go even bigger, but no, you’d be wrong. The reason her tits got bigger is because she gave birth to Manuel Ferrara’s offspring. Pregnancy and the like tends to wreck havoc on bodies. At the very least, they tend to make them bigger what with all the milk production and all that jazz.

Either way, Kayden Kross is gorgeous as fuck. And she’s still in the porn biz (although not fucking other men by the request of Ferrara). When Kayden isn’t busy getting busy with her fabulous hubby Manuel Ferrara (nope, not jealous at all) she’s running a pay-per-view porn site with bestie Stoya. The whole thing is pretty damn fabulous and right up my pervy alley.



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As a general rule, I stay far away from writing about any type of sex scandal that involves any type of religion. If you poke a bear with a stick, you’re going to get bitten, or at the very least chased a very long distance. I’m not a fan of running, or religion…but this story I had to talk about because it involves a very particular fetish.

Father George Passias is a Greek Orthodox priest in Washington Heights, New York. He has been in and out of tabloid headlines because people sometimes like stirring the pot and making accusations to sell newspapers…and also because a few sexually charged videos with him in the starring role keep popping up. The latest accusation is pretty far out there. Whether the Father’s fetishes (and the videos he is said to have starred in) are real remain to be seen, but I love a good sex/food porn scandal.

It’s being reported by the New York Post (which tends to have sensationalized headlines that are not always backed up by concrete facts) that good old Father George is involved in cake crush porn.

Now, what is cake crush porn, you’ ask?

I had to do a bit of research to find out.



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Carter Cruise came to my attention when she won the 2014 AVN Award for Best Actress for her performance in Second Chances by New Sensations Romance. I felt like she came out of nowhere and suddenly everyone was smitten with her, myself included. Not surprising, she has a great energy about her that easily comes through in every scenes she performs in and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a super cutie.

Before giving porn a try, Cruise was pre-law and pursuing an undergrad in psychology. However, her true calling was the entertainment industry, so she eventually dropped out of school and came up with the idea of “Carter Cruise” as a brand. The first step was porn, because that gave her the kind of exposure and capital that allows her to get involved in various other creative endeavors.

Cruise reached out to, and became friends with, Belle Knox when the Duke pornstar was suddenly thrust into the limelight and was getting a ton of backlash. Coming from similar collegiate backgrounds, Cruise thought she should reach out to Knox because she was probably one of the few people who could understand what she was going through.

A sex-positive advocate, Cruise was “disgusted and appalled by the way civilized society tormented an 18-year-old woman for being sexual. The whole affair really demonstrated how important it is that we improve sexual education and tackle stigmas, as well as foster compassion and empathy between people.”

On top of being an all-around awesome chick and churning out some of the best porn you can get your hands on these day, Cruise is also a model, a writer, and a DJ… among many other things, I’m sure.



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Nipples, much like belly buttons, are proof that someone is a real human being and that their existence isn’t due to the fact that someone poured Silkstone into a Barbie mold and imbued them with the breath of life. At least that’s my theory as it applies to Kendall Jenner.

On the surface, you would think that she is the only Jenner/Kardashian that isn’t 98% silicone, but what are we basing that assumption on?! Sure, she’s the only one of the gang that isn’t going for that “thick” look, but that’s because she’s a model and despite all the advances we’ve made as a people models still need to be tall and thin.

She’s the tallest of the Jenner/Kardashian sisters, but that could be due to several things. For all we know Kendall Jenner went all Gattaca and underwent surgery to gain a few inches. It was in a movie so I know it’s possible. Hollywood is never wrong about these things.

Actually, the more I think about it the more I’m convinced that the Jenner/Kardashian sisters were genetically engineered. Unlike in the movie Gattaca, however, they weren’t designed to be superior human beings so that they could have the skills to do their dream jobs like be perfect astronauts, but rather, they were engineered to appeal to all of our base instincts thereby slowly taking over the world with no one being the wiser.



Sex News: Hologram Porn, Porn Addiction, & Jessica Biel Sex-ed

October 3, 2015
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Hologram Porn: The Most Realistic Sex Imaginable (The Daily Beast) Lay back and relax. Look around the room and watch as your partners disrobe, revealing smoldering hot bodies. No pressure, just let them do all the work as you experience your first three-way. No need to be nervous, these women will ease you in and […]

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The Big Yawn: Another Day, Another Celebrity Porn Offer

October 2, 2015
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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning porn site for women & couples. With over 18 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced […]

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Alina Baikova Awakens The Perv In All Of Us

October 2, 2015
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Alina Baikova is sugar and spice and everything nice. She’s also good boner material on a cold weekday morning. Summer is officially gone now – it’s true, I smelt it in the air… I also saw it on my calendar – which means the coldest cold of all cold is soon coming my way and […]

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Fap Along With Harlot: Handjobs All Around

October 1, 2015
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One of my favorite sex-starting conversations used to involve me watching the guy I was going to bang jerk off his own dick. There’s plenty you can learn from a guy while you’re watching him masturbate. How does he like to be touched? Is he into ball tugging or working the head till he’s uber […]

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Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Jackie O (1975)

October 1, 2015
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Jesus, this is a twisted story. You’ve all heard of Jackie Kennedy Onassis I’m assuming, you know, the wife of John F. Kennedy (a.k.a. the President of the United States… at least, until he was assassinated in 1963). Yeah, that’s the one. Well, after her husband was killed she married a rich Greek dude by […]

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