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I have loved Lizzy Caplan, the ninja hottie, ever since I saw her play Casey Klein in Party Down. And I’ve been in love with Lizzy’s tits ever since I saw her play Amy Burley, Jason’s love interest, in True Blood.


Amazing, right? 

Even when Lizzy’s in the background and kind of blurry her body stands out. Too bad her character died. Actually, I was glad when her character died, because I hated her. Thankfully, though, every episode of Party Down will live forever in my mind, and on the Internet, and on Blu Ray. Oh, and on YouTube.

That’s all ancient history, though. The reason Lizzy Caplan is uber famous these days is because she stars as Virginia Johnson in the hugely successful prime time drama Masters of Sex, which is based on the real life sexologists Virginia Johnson and William Masters.

I was able to procure some screencaps from Masters of Sex, which show a very sexy and very talented Lizzy Caplan taking off her top and trying to seduce her boss, William Masters, played by Michael Sheen. I haven’t actually gotten around to watching Masters of Sex yet (I know, I know, it’s on the list), but as far as I can tell Michael Sheen (err William Masters) is mesmerized by Lizzy Caplan’s (err Virginia Johnson’s) tits. As he should be.

Problem is, I’m pretty sure, in this part of the show, he’s still married to his first wife Elizabeth Ellis. That’s why he’s all “No, no, we can’t. I’m married. You must cover your boobs before I cream my pants.” At least, that’s what I think is going on, cause, you know, I haven’t actually seen this episode or any episode for that matter.



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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the web’s original porn for women site . With over 16 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite., a right-leaning site that identifies itself as “America’s news feed”, recently conducted a survey of people under 40 that asked, among other things, whether or not Internet porn is ruining their sex lives.

While 33% is still a fairly high number, whether you look it and say “Wow a full one-third of young people say porn is ruining their sex lives!” or “Well, only one-third of young people say porn is ruining their sex lives…” probably says more about your own attitude toward porn than it does about the current socio-sexual landscape of American youth.

The Rare survey is filled with interesting demographic breakdowns, like the fact that 48% of respondents without high school degrees were “concerned about porn” (whatever that means) while only 22% of those with a graduate degree were concerned about porn. I think I know why that is, though: 78% of those with graduate degrees are only concerned with their student-loan debt.

According to the survey, 52% of Republicans said porn was ruining American’s sex lives, while the other 48% presumably refused to answer the question on the grounds that the question was too vulgar and simply beneath them as a matter of inquiry. Only 20% of Democrats said porn was ruining their sex lives, while the other 80% probably couldn’t hear the question over the porn they were watching at the time.

What the Rare survey doesn’t get to, in part because it’s not really something that lends itself to the survey format, is the fact that the primary thing ruining young people’s sex lives is other young people. Unless things have changed quite a bit in the few handful of years that have passed since I was part of the under-40 population, if there’s one thing that sexually frustrated young people excel at, it’s finding external causes and factors beyond their control to explain why they aren’t getting laid at any given moment.


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There are two kinds of people. Those who can freely masturbate while their cat watches and those who succumb to the cold-eyed judgment of their pets and put their genitals away. According to a recent survey, animals in the bedroom might be interrupting more than a self-administered hand job.

Over 2,500 Britons responded to a survey on how their love life is going in 2014. 41 percent of those asked revealed they are having less sex than they did last year and while money problems were the primary reason, pets were also to blame.

It was revealed that 31 percent of people cited sharing their beds with pets as a reason they were having less sex. Personally if it came between having sex or kicking my dog out of the bedroom for an hour, I’d send him packing no matter how adorable his pouty face is.


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That’s right, by 2017 dudes will be able to keep their seed from spread far and wide without the use of a condom. With one injection of Vasalgel the mens will be able to go bareback without fear of impregnating every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Of course, there’s still the fear of catching The Herp without the use of a condom, but it’s that’s not an issue, Vasalgel is coming to the rescue for all you condom haters.

But how does it work, Lola? Something, something, sciency mumbo jumbo:

It is essentially a reimagining of a medical technology called RISUG (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) that was developed by a doctor named Sujoy Guha over 15 years ago in India, where it has been in clinical trials ever since. Unlike most forms of female birth control, Vasalgel is non-hormonal and only requires a single treatment in order to be effective for an extended period of time. Rather than cutting the vas deferens—as would be done in a vasectomy—a Vasalgel procedure involves the injection of a polymer contraceptive directly into the vas deferens. This polymer will then block any sperm that attempt to pass through the tube. At any point, however, the polymer can be flushed out with a second injection if a man wishes to bring his sperm back up to speed.

That explains it! Except… err, what’s the vas deferens, Lola? It’s okay, I had to look it up to. The vas deferens is:




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Teri Polo is one of those actresses whose name you can never remember, but then you see her face and you’re like “Oh yeah, her! She was in Meet The Parents and its 14 and a half sequels.” Even if you hadn’t seen the mega successful Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro comedy vehicle, you’d recognize Teri’s face, because she had guest starred on every goddamn show that has ever existed.

What you might know, though, is that she totally nuded it up for Playboy in 2005. I’ve seen the pictures and I’m still surprised. I would have taken her for someone with more conservative values. It just goes to show you that you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Seriously. Not only did the little blonde vixen pose in Playboy when her career was in full swing thanks to Meet The Fockers, which was released a year before she did the nude shoot, but she also recently filed for bankruptcy despite making $25,000 an episode on The Fosters. That’s roughly $800,000 for a year or two of sporadic work.

Then again, $800,000 bucks doesn’t go far when you owe just about a million on back taxes and unpaid credit card bills. Factor in the cost of living: food, shelter, regular Brazilians, and she’s clearly living way beyond her means. Who knows, maybe there’s another Playboy photoshoot in Teri’s future.



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September 16, 2014
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Jason Sudeikis is a lucky man. Have you seen Olivia Wilde lately?! She’s smoking hot as per usual, if anything, she gets hotter with age. Do you remember when she plays a bisexual DJ on The O.C.? She was hot back then, but nothing compared to the way she looks now. Olivia may be a natural […]

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