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One of the more important aspects of the law is that you have to commit a crime to be arrested and charged by the police. While there may be a few bad cops out there that overstep their authority to intimidate people they don’t understand, for the most part you can’t be detained simply for being weird.

Seeing as there is no law against having sex with inanimate objects, Martin Gregory Coll probably thought he was in the clear when he started fucking a mattress in a parking lot. Unfortunately he used a portable DVD player with the volume maxed out, and the police found him and knicked him for committing a lewd act in public. Hmph!

When he was found, Coll has naked from the waist down while watching porn and vigorously humping a mattress behind a fence. He was in the parking lot of an old peoples’ home where staff and residents heard “sex noises” coming from the lot and alerted police.



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Tia Carrere has always been one of my favorite hotties. She’s so hot, I find it surprising that she didn’t have a bigger, longer, wider career. That last one didn’t make sense, but I’m sticking to my choice of adjectives. Maybe I was thinking about the width of her hips, which are lovely.

Not that she’s had a shabby career so far, a quick look at her IMDB credits while show that’s she’s been in a number of TV shows and movies over the years and that she continues to get gigs, but she never quite made it to A-list status.

A young Tia was spotted at the age of 17 while grocery shopping in Hawaii. A native Hawaian of Chinese, Spanish, and Filipino ancestry, Tia wanted to be a singer, but took her chance at fame and fortune as an actress when she was cast as Lani Kepoo in Aloha Summer

However, it wasn’t until she played the super sexy Jade Soong Chung, R.N. that American audiences really took notice of the sultry Hawaiian. Personally, I remember Tia from Wayne’s World, duh, but mostly from her role as Sydney Fox in Relic Hunter. Oh man, Sydney Fox was a female globe trotting Indiana Jones that had the looks of Lara Croft.

It was pretty fantastic in a B-movie-TV-show kind of way! I was so sad when it got cancelled in 2002 after only 3 seasons on air. After that, Tia kind of dropped off my radar, which is kind of appalling considering she posed nude for Playboy in 2003. If you’ve been paying attention, that means I’ve never seen this spectacular pictures before.



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Welcome back ladies and germs and thank you for being with us for another show here on Peeperz Radio. Our guest today is a ravishing blonde bombshell who also just happens to be smart, witty and a ton of fun. We are very happy to have the stunning Nina Elle as our guest! Also be sure to check out our recent interviews with ‘Born to Fuck” Sarah Vandella as well as our chat with the legendary Gauge. All of our interviews can be downloaded for free so by all means load them onto your devices!

Nina Elle was born in Germany in a town who’s name we cant pronounce or spell. She comes from a military family,  so many of her early years she moved around the US. Before entering the adult industry she had a variety of gigs. Right before getting into the business she was a Dental Hygienist and she was struggling financially. She credits Oprah Winfrey for Nina joining the ranks of the depraved and doing adult work. Nina watched a segment on Oprah’s show in which a couple talked about supporting their family through webcam work. The proverbial light bulb blinked on in her mind and she signed up for one of the top tier webcam companies. At one point she was approached at an AVN show by Pornstar Platinum and they convinced her to let them set her up with a website. This was a huge step in what has already become a very rewarding career for Nina.

When Nina started shooting adult scenes she only shot girl-girl scenes only, however we have Brazzers to thanks for changing that because they offered her a big pile of cash to start shooting boy-girl work. She has only shot a handful of scenes for the major studios but her work and her looks are already stirring up quite a buzz. Nina talks to MB about her recent releases, her plans for the future, including anal sex and interracial as well as a potential mainstream reality show. Exciting stuff! Nina Elle is certainly a starlet to watch in the near future. So tune in, get turned on and check out the hard charging Nina Elle!


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Pop Physique is the brain child of Jennifer Williams, a former professional ballet dancer and Pilates instructor, and her hubby Deric, a brand developer. Basically, it’s American Apparel if American Apparel was a fitness craze. It’s designed to give you the tall, lean, ballerina bodies sported by the barely legal teens favored in AA ads and a butt that pops like your favorite pornstar.

Pornstars have a wider range of body types than high fashion models, and although there are certain expectations in terms of beauty in the sex industry, people don’t usually associate healthy living and a grueling workout schedule with the bodies of pornstars.

Baby, it ain’t so. According to Aurora Snow, when she was at the height of her career, she’d work out once sometimes twice a day, and run seven miles a day. That’s a lot of work! But when you’re paycheck depends on the way your body looks, you don’t have a choice to stay on top of that shit.

Going to the gym everyday can get kind of boring, I mean, that’s why fitness trends exist. People hear of something new and for a split second it seems exciting or at least more interesting than that stuck in a hamster wheel feeling you get when you’re on a treadmill and everyone wants to try it, because they’re desperate for an easier and fun way to get the bod they all crave.



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on August 26, 2014

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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

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Image: Codi Bryant in Nursing Nookie by Brazzers

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Rachel Mortenson’s Tits Gave Me An Instant Hard On!

August 26, 2014
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As soon as I saw those tits swaddled in that red fabric, I was a goner. Yessir, those sweater puppies hit me right where I live: in the groin. I find that specific picture, the one with the tennis racket, really sexy. So much so that I’ve barely looked at the other pics in the […]

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OMFG! Compiling these pictures took forever. I don’t even care about the scantily clad women and all the witty comments I thought of as I copy pasted all the pictures. ALL THE PICTURES. I’m all out of wit. All I can say is that Rita Ora stunned in red. Amber Rose payed tribute to Rose […]

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Japanese Sex Dolls Being Mistaken For Real Women?!

August 25, 2014
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Japanese sex dolls or “Dutch wives” as they are also known are great if you want to get into the carpool lane. With their improved skin texture they can pass for real woman, especially when real women are busy trying to make themselves look like dolls. Carpooling, it’s a plus is all I’m saying. On […]

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Corsets Are Sexy

August 25, 2014
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When kinky things (or at least things that I view as kinky) get slipped into mainstream media, part of me gets excited, and part of me wishes that all the best kept secrets would stay hidden, that way they don’t explode into pop culture like a rocket. Like when Katy Perry started popping up in […]

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Nicki Minaj Stars In Soft Core Porn Music Video!

August 25, 2014
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Nicki Minaj has a new album, coming or going, or maybe dropping. I don’t know. It has something to do with snakes. People have been talking about Anaconda for a while now. The album, the song, and the new music video. It’s the video that has everyone all worked up, though. It might have something […]

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