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Everyone and their mother is going nuts over Emilia Clarke’s season 5 Game of Thrones body double Rosie Mac. Sure, the blue-eyed babe is gorgeous and I’m sure men all over the world are constantly trying to stick their peens inside of her, but that doesn’t mean she looks exactly like Emilia Clarke, yet, that’s what people are saying.

Internet Peepz are gasping at the resemblance calling Rosie Mac Emilia Clarke’s doppelganger.



Rosie is a good stand-in as far as body doubles are concerned, but I would never mistake one for the other. In my heart, there is only one Mother of Dragons and that’s Emilia Clarke. Not that I would throw Rosie out for eating cookies in bed.

The hoopla over Rosie Mac has reached such a high point that Games of Thrones producers have decided to give her her own bit part in the upcoming episodes. No word yet on what that might be, but I’m personally hoping it involves a full frontal.

Gee, if I was Emilia Clarke I might be feeling a little insecure right about now. She probably has better self-esteem than I do, but considering the fact that the Game of Thrones execs have been known to constantly and with no reason re-cast role you never know what could happen in the future. Obviously, they would be nuts to re-cast Daenerys Targaryen, but I’m definitely getting an All About Eve vibe here.


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In Greek Mythology, a Siren was a dangerous yet beautiful creature who lured sailors to their deaths on rocky coasts. In much the same way, PornhubTV’s Kong was lured toward Syren de Mer – a femme fatale and MILFilogical creature by her own right.

Syren is indeed a gorgeous MILF starlet who entered the adult industry in 2006 at the age of 37. Although she was no stranger to the swinger community of Seattle, her modelling photos eventually made their way to Lisa Ann – the mother of all MILFs – who signed Syren to her agency.

The rest as they say is ancient history, and Syren now has over 100 films behind her. She may look like the soccer mom next door – in fact, she’s the real life mom of two – but she’s also performed some of the naughtiest and roughest sex scenes in the industry.

She opens up to Kong and co-host Mia Lelani about her favorite on-camera fuck session – a gang bang involving 5 different guys. So what about off camera? You’ll have to watch the full interview to find out what Syren considers a REALLY big gang bang.



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on April 25, 2015

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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

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Image: Cassidy Banks in Banging Ms. Banks by Brazzers


Post image for Pornhub Buys Dude New Laptop For Being Loyal (Stupid?) Fan

Seriously?! A man, who by all accounts seems pretty grown up to me and who happens to live with his mom, threw his laptop? punched his laptop? broke his laptop over his knee? when he heard his mom come up the stairs and Pornhub decided to freeze on him.

It makes for a funny Twitter post, but was destroying the laptop really necessary? He could have just closed the lid. Yes, I know sometimes the sounds keeps playing when it’s frozen like that, this isn’t my first rodeo, but most computers have a quick mute button on the keyboard these days, surely, that would have worked. Or how about plugging in headphones. Or, you know, not giving a crap that you’re mom catches you watching porn. CLICK FOR THE REST OF THIS POST

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by CALICO RUDASILL on April 24, 2015

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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning female friendy porn site. With over 16 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

Like most people who write about porn on a regular basis, I have automated ‘news alerts’ set  through Google and other sources to let me know when porn-related stories hit the headlines.

Sometimes, the story is something truly significant, like a change in law or public policy. Other times, these alerts draw my attention to something not particularly worthy of it, like some jackass with a blog who thinks it’s clever to use the word “porn” to describe anything he or she takes a guilty pleasure in, from shoe shopping and food preparation to sports cars and power tools.

Today my alerts brought me the story of a family of four who went to a KFC in Edmond, Oklahoma, where they received an “unwanted side of porn,” as the folks from Fox affiliate KOCO put it.



Bella Hadid Is The New Gigi Hadid

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PornhubTV – Christie Stevens at the 2015 AVN Awards

April 24, 2015
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I dated a girl in college named Christie Stevens (name changed for privacy reasons). In a lot of ways she was exactly like the Christie Stevens in today’s PornhubTV video. They both went to college, were both female and they both enjoyed breathing air. The main difference is that Christie Stevens the pornstar actually puts […]

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Topless Models For Document Journal Bring Joy To My Life

April 23, 2015
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I look at so much porn on a daily basis that I’ve started dreaming about porn. I don’t mean that I’m having sex dreams, I’m saying that in my dreams I’m watching porn. In my mind, at night when I sleep, I’m sitting down in front of a computer and I’m looking at porn. Too […]

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PornhubTV – Karen Fisher & Alix Lynx at the 2015 AVNS

April 23, 2015
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This time around I have two PornhubTV interviews for you with pornstars at opposite ends of the adult entertainment spectrum – Karen Fisher and Alix Lynx. Karen Fisher got her start in the adult industry in 2002 and has stared in over 50 films. She’s now the ripe (albeit firm) old age of 38 which […]

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Leaked Nude Pics Of Charlotte McKinney, Maybe?!

April 22, 2015
Thumbnail image for Leaked Nude Pics Of Charlotte McKinney, Maybe?!

And here I thought I was the only one who took blurry nude selfies. Too bad we can’t blame our horrendous photography skills on the shitty cameras on our phones anymore, those babies are better than your good ol’ point and shoot style cams these days. Anyhow, these pics of Charlotte McKinney – a.k.a. the […]

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