Hotdamn, Maddy O’Reilly is a stunner. Just look at that face:

Maddy at the 2016 AVN Awards

Look at it!!! Never stop looking!!!

Maddy’s been in the industry since 2011 and I just read an interview she did back in 2014 where she said she really wanted to do a scene with Dani Daniels. It only took half a decade, but the two finally did a scene together. They just filmed it, so it hasn’t been released yet, but from what I can see from both of their Instagram accounts and Twitter accounts the scene is going to be amazing as fuck.

You know a scene is going to be good as all hell when your co-star posts a video praising you:

Based on that endorsement alone I’ve become wholly enamored with Maddy O’Reilly. Not that I need another reason to love the red-headed lass, but I love it when pornstars are genuinely fawning all over each other. I ship them, I ship them hard.

If you haven’t heard of Maddy O’Reilly until today, I highly suggest you check out her back catalog. Watch Daddy’s Girls if you want a disturbing boner. Seriously, holy shit the premise of that movie is fucked up.





Instagram is where all the beautiful people live. It’s a virtual land where everyone has an amazing butt. I mean, seriously amazing butts. These chicks must do so many squats. Squats for days!!! My butt is fine, I haven’t worked on it. It’s pretty big and round all on it’s own, but these chicks make me want to start doing lunges and squats until I can use my ass cheeks as a shelf.


A photo posted by 🌙 Beatriz Vidal ☀️ (@beatrizvpaula) on

Beatiz Vidal is a transcendental beauty.

Wearing @ditavonteeselingerie and her signature nails 💅 Shot by @pennylane_photo 📸 A photo posted by Stefania Ferrario (@stefania_model) on



I’ve never been a prude, but I have gone through phases in my life where I’ve been shy about showing my nude body because of confidence issues. One of the benefits of no longer being a scared and insecure teenager is that as you grow older you start to give zero fucks about what other people think, which means that I’ve been flashing my tits and my ass to people all over the place these days. Mostly, because it’s swimming season and I can’t be bothered to hide when changing.

I should created a profile on Ohlala and put that up as my bio and see how many hits I get.

Launched in August 2015, Ohlala is a web-based app that facilitates what it calls “instant paid dating.” Male users post offers for dates, consisting of a time, a duration, and how much money they’re willing to pay — a typical offer is from 1–4 hours at an average price of $300. While the request is up, women can decide whether or not they’d like that person to be able to contact them. Crucially, women are not visible to men before they initiate conversation — it’s the inverse of the backpage listings to which it’s often compared. Here, the buyers must come forward first. From there, the couple can chat and discuss the whens and wheres of their impending dates, as well as a payment method and their boundaries, if they so please. (In-app payment is currently in the works, the team tells me.) When the terms are agreed upon, the chat is logged, and presumably both parties are incentivized to show up. Though its on-demand model has earned Ohlala the label “Uber for escorts,” the company insists it isn’t an escort agency, or even operating in the adult entertainment space.




Karlee Grey made her XXX debut in late 2014 and since then the brunette and her huge natural tits have wowed porn fans from across the world. For as long as she can remember the guys that she’s dated have always gone straight for her chest melons. She doesn’t mind one bit, though, and if you’re ever lucky enough to find yourself getting it on with this Caucasian beauty of mixed heritage, remember that she prefers gentle squeezes that get rougher and rougher.

Funny that, because that’s how I like my tits to be handled. Well, it depends on the mood I’m in, but generally that’s a good rule to follow.

Check out Karlee on Twitter and you’ll soon see that the buxom babe is a happy-go-lucky girl who loves her job and adores her fans. When talking about her loyal fan base, Karlee has said: “It’s changed it [my life] more in a positive way, knowing that my fans respect my work makes me push to do better and better for them to continue wanting more and more of me.”

When looking at her body of work, you can tell that Karlee cares about the quality of her scenes. It doesn’t hurt that she’s cute as a button and has massive jugs. She’s done a few scenes for Brazzers that I really like. She looks amazing in red lingerie.

Case in point:


Hot baby Jesus’s momma!



I can’t think of anything more frustrating than your vibrator’s batteries dying right in the middle of a marathon wank session and as luck would have it that’s exactly what happened to me last night. It was late and I was reading in bed. It was hot so the fan was aimed at my topless sweaty body, which started to turn me on. I wasn’t alone in the house, so I tried to be quiet when I started squeezing my tits.

Thankfully, the noise created by the fan was enough to cover any sounds emitting from my bedroom. At least, that’s what I told myself when I riffled through my sex drawer looking for a vibrator that wouldn’t wake up the neighborhood. Silent vibrators are hard to find. At least, silent vibrators that still pack a punch. I couldn’t use my Hitachi Wand, because that thing could wake up a dead person. Too bad too, because it’s a plug-in, which means it never runs out of power as long as you have electricity.

The little vibe I pulled out last night was quiet enough to pass muster, so I slid it under my panties as I continued to squeeze my tits. I was just getting really revved up when the damn thing died on me. I was able to have one small orgasm and that’s it. No more orgasms for Lola last night. Not when my damn vibrator takes those round flat batteries that I NEVER keep around the house. That is an oversight I will soon rectify, because one measly orgasm is just not enough. #INeedMoreSexToys



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