Sometimes I feel like my body is plotting against me. I don’t want kids. Kids are fine and all, but I don’t want to alter my live to make room for them. Call me selfish if you want, but that’s how I feel. My body, however, doesn’t appear to be on board with my brain when it comes to procreating.

Sure enough, every time I get super-duper-insanely horny it’s because I’m ovulating. I get horny all the time, but when I start craving that D inside of me like my vagina will die if it doesn’t get sprayed with some random man’s sperm, all I have to do is look at a calendar and sure enough I’m ovulating.

Not cool, body. Not cool. I feel tricked and I won’t have it! Understand? Nope, I won’t have it at all. Oh, I mean, I’ll take some of that sweet vitamin D, but you better count on the fact that I will make sure my womb is as infertile as the dead sea.

That said, let’s ogle some ladies.

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Catiane Lauser Pilecco has a magic bra. That cleavage is out of this world. 




Peepz, I’ve been on a Kathleen Turner binge ever since I happened upon Romancing the Stone on Netflix a couple weeks ago. I just watched the Jewel of the Nile and holy shit that movie did not age well.  It’s so racially intensive and just downright wrong that I cringed throughout most of the movie. KT was still hot, though. Those legs, I can’t get over her legs. I would pay to cuddle with vintage Kathleen Turner.

Once upon a time, if you wanted to do it with strangers, it meant doing it in non-luxury settings like a Bushwick warehouse or a Gowanus warehouse. These were accessible sex parties, open to everyone from debt-ridden millennials to the mean fat cat Wall Street jerk. Typical to our widening gulf between rich and poor though, the New York Post reports that a new out-of-town sex club is opening in NYC soon, and unlike the democratic sex clubs of the city we once knew, this one will cost you $10,000 at a minimum to get in. […]

Snctm owner Damon Lawner told the paper he’s currently scouting for a suitably exclusive location in which his A-list actor, model and “top lawyer” (lol) members can fill each other’s holes, with the first party planned for September 10th. As for the sex parties themselves, they come with a strict dress code (tuxedos for the gents, lingerie for the ladies), and Lawner insists they aren’t “sex parties,” at all. Instead they’re “erotic theater” and more about “conversation” and “the artistry of erotica” as opposed to just raw boning. Turns out that sex can be gentrified just as easily as Williamsburg.




I was involved in some rather awkward dinner conversation last week. My super Italian, ultra-conservative grandfather decided that he wanted to talk about something he saw on the news while I was sliding a slice of pizza into my mouth.

“There were these ladies of the night on the television earlier,” he turned to my dad who was already blushing, “You know, those girls that don’t wear clothes and dance?”

It was terribly awkward and I hate when my grandpa talks about stuff like that.

I get all squigged out.

My bff says this makes me a prude.

I told him that my boobs are all over the Internet and that cancels out the fact that I don’t like talking to my family about strippers.


The Sunrise Gentlemen’s Club, which is located in Paterson, New Jersey, sponsored a golf event that was held at an upscale golf course late in July. Tattle-tale videos surfaced and ended up in the hands of no-fun news casters and POOF! A scandal is born.



Katrina Jade got into porn when she started watching Kink and she decided she wanted to experiment with the whole BDSM scene. That’s one way to do it. Personally, I usually pick up a book and try to learn as much as possible about something when I want to try something new, but becoming a porn star is one way to learn. Sort of liking jumping in the deep end before learning to swim. If it works, it works.

Clearly, Katrina floated to the top. Even though she wasn’t looking for a career change and wasn’t in it for the money, people kept telling her she should make a career out of porn after seeing her scenes with Kink, because she was a natural in front of the camera.

Katrina did her first scenes with Kink just for fun and that’s exactly why she continued to work in porn. She enjoyed those first experiences so much, that she decided to give it her all and dive head first into the porn industry. I’m not sure what role her husband plays in all this, but those two are dirty as fuck. I’ve been reading interviews and he’s definitely supportive of her porn career. They get off on it together.



  • A culture of “wheels up; rings off” meant even married agents could party on foreign trips.
  • Secret Service K-9 units brought their dogs into their hotel room, which the dogs trashed. The agents made payoffs so the incident wouldn’t be reported.
  • A agent who missed his flight later showed up drunk with two prostitutes. He was not disciplined.
  • Agents “engaged” with prostitutes in Amsterdam’s red-light district during an advance team trip.
  • A supervisor choked a female subordinate because she rejected his sexual advances.
  • A supervisor offered a subordinate a larger office in return for sex.
  • A supervisor took a subordinate to a sex show while on duty.
  • A male agent’s gun was stolen by a male prostitute he solicited online. The gun was never recovered.
  • A manager in the National Threat Assessment Center forced employees to drink alcohol in his office “so that he could trust them.” The same manager was accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment.




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