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I’m too tired to think, let alone write, so I’ll just leave this meme here for you.


I ate some chicken noddle soup and some chocolate chip cookies, I feel better now. Less tired, more about getting your attention, so stop fapping… for at least a minute. READ ALL MY WORDS. My precious words that take me an eternity to craft so that each and every blog post is perfect. Better than the next great American novel.

I’m tired, because I’ve been googling iPads all day and each and every time I decide which one I want to buy I go to order it online and they don’t have the color I want or they don’t have the number of gigs I want. Making decisions is hard. (I was literally sulking as I wrote that last sentence.) I’m officially the worst.

Nooooow, you can go back to fapping with a little help from Jillian Janson. She’s up to the task, I assure you.



Bing image search “Jillian Janson” GIFs and you’ll find a whole lot of this. Deep. Throat.




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Morgan Lee has a stunning face, a tight little body, and an amazing ass. It’s no wonder that she was nominated for a 2016 AVN Best New Starlet Award.

Lee got into porn when she met fellow performer Spencer Scott while studying hairstyling. It’s not your typical story of girl meets agent while stripping or girl gets into porn through modelling, but whatever works… amrite?!

That tight little body can be attributed to the fact that Lee trains for competitive MMA fighting, which comes as a surprise. To me, at least, because I know next to nothing MMA and that little tidbit of info makes me want to know more about Morgan Lee.

It’s an interesting combo is all. Pornstar and MMA fighter, it’s a pretty intriguing career path. She loves basketball too, tough, she doesn’t play professionally, which probably has something to do with the fact that’s she’s tiny. You don’t see many 5’1″ Koreans in the WMBA.

What really gets me going about Lee is her stunning looks.

Look at that face!

I am here in Ibiza 😝

A photo posted by Morgan lee Bitch 😼 (@lil_kim_cheez) on

I could just eat her up.

I can’t stop looking at Lee’s eyes and her long dark hair is just one other thing that’s so damn amazing about Morgan Lee. I haven’t watched many of her scenes yet, as I’ve just discovered her, but I’ll be spending the rest of my day watching her vids on Pornhub, that’s for damn sure.



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Kim Kardashian is on a mission to show the whole world that she has amazing tits. No, seriously. I’ve been staying away from posting too many KK updates, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept an eye on her assets and lately every time she’s stepped out for the paparazzi it’s been all about her fabulous rack. It’s been one see-through shirt after another and I’ve been liking what I’ve been seeing.

I can’t say I like Kim Kardashian as a person, because I don’t know Kim Kardashian. I haven’t even watched a single episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian, so I can’t even tell you if I like the scripted version of KK, but I’m not blind and I have to admit I’ve got a weakness for her publicity stunts.

Girl knows how to work the media to her advantage!

This shirt (if you can call it that) is perfection. It’s just the right amount of tight and the right amount of see-through to really put Kim’s melons to their advantage. It doesn’t hurt that she was probably blasting the AC before stepping out of that… whatever kind of vehicle that black monstrosity is.

The only thing wrong with her outfit is those atrocious shorts. No one, I mean no one should wear tight jean shorts that cut off right about the knee. That’s just wrong, because look at what they’ve done to her butt! Jesus, those jorts are not flattering and I should know. I’m basically an authority on fashion what with all the naked models I stalk online.



Post image for Sex News: Porn Star Side Hustles, & An $25K Pornhub Scholarship

What’s your side hustle? Do you have one or do you put all your focus on your day job?

According to “A Scene Is Just A Marketing Tool: Alternative Income Stream In Porn’s Gig Economy” by USC women’s studies professor Heather Berg, the lousy monetary structure of porn has made side-hustles essential to the economic survival of porn stars.

In interviews with over 80 porn performers, Berg discovered that “for all but the most popular performers (and then usually for only a short term), there are simply not enough film performance gigs to sustain an income,” leading performers to monetize the more “quotidian moments of their lives.”




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“The most embarrassing thing I’ve ever been asked to do for a scene was to walk around and pretend that I had a limp. I also had to pull my mouth open and show my fillings in a photoshoot in Budapest.”


Oh man, porn in Budapest is weird.

Is there anything that Muva Rose cannot do? She’s hosted a successful Slut Walk, launched an emoji app called MuvaMoji, given us countless twerking lessons, and written an instruction guide on how to be a bad bitch. Now, Amber Rose has a late-night TV show that’s the perfect way to spend a Friday night at home. The Amber Rose Show, made a July 8 debut on VH1, and it was everything we would expect from the fearless feminist. Rose took the stage with a lacy all-black outfit and, similar to other late-night hosts, she did a quick recap of some of the top celebrity news stories. However, she put her own spin to it and sprinkled in a few jokes – including one about Kanye.



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September 24, 2016
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September 24, 2016
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September 22, 2016
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Yes, 2016, or rather February 2016, definitely counts as a throwback. Why? Because I say so, that’s why. As we’ve already established on this blog, I do what I damn well please. Not really, but no one as tried to stop me yet, so I assume that my word has become law around here and […]

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