Alexandra Daddario Stars In The Best GIF Evah!

by Lola Byrd on September 8, 2014

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Have you watched HBO’s latest TV hit: True Detective? I haven’t seen it yet – it’s on the list – but according to my various social network feeds, it was a major hit. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson were bloody marvelous as Detective Rust Cohle and Detective Marty Hart, respectively. The real gem, though, was the performance given by Alexandra Daddario.

Daddario’s character may not have been pivotal to the plot and it’s true that she only appeared in half of the first season, but as soon as she was on screen there was no denying her presence. As my Mom would say: “Wow, she’s busty!” I’m not even kidding, Daddario has a great set of tits and my mother says things like that all the time. I can’t take her anywhere. My Mom, not Daddario.

I would take Daddario everywhere… if you know what I mean.

It’s strange, because I’ve seen Daddario before, in other roles, namely, as Annabeth in Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief and in Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters and she didn’t really stick out to me. Sure, she was cute and I had no complaints in regards to her acting abilities, but it wasn’t until I saw the best GIF evah (a.k.a. a video compilation of Daddario in True Detective) that I bothered learning her name.

Take a look and tell me if you can pinpoint the reason why this particular role seared Daddario’s name into my brain:

(Or you can watch it here)

Wow. Seriously, wow. this gif/video gives me so much wood. There may be no more wood left in the entire universe. It’s all mine. No wood for you.

Image: Alexandra Daddario in True Detective by HBO

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  • Erswi

    I beg to differ. You left me at least a little wood. Wait, that didn’t come out right.

  • Lola can I borrow some of your wood please? Elisabeth Moss is rumored to be on season 2 of True Detective so I’ll start watching it if that happens.

    • Oh, I hadn’t heard she might be on the second season. That would be awesome. I’ll probably watch it (eventually), regardless.

  • A curious simpleton

    Trying not to sound like creepy douche.. But she makes her makers extremely proud with those naturales.. I would have written poems after poems for each of those envying mammies and that sumptuous looking bush which makes me linger with hunger.. Darn my right is still busy and might be for this whole night.. Ohh alexandria.. U made my sheets to go for laundrya..

  • BDY

    Oh dear god that was phenomenal…

  • Mr. Schlagelmilch

    And wasted it on a gay Woody Harrelson…

    • My love for Woody Harrelson is eternal.

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