Amanda Bynes Tweets Topless Pics…Police Intervene?

by Bucky Beall on May 2, 2013

There’s three explanations of what’s up with Amanda Bynes:

1. Her early fame, combined with our poisonous celeb hounding culture, combined with drugs/booze, have driven her insane.

2. She’s a millionaire 27 year old with great tits doing whatever the fuck she feels like whenever the fuck she feels like it.

3. Amanda herself, via Twitter, has claimed an identical evil twin imposter of herself is the one running around New York City acting like a madwoman and it’s not Amanda Bynes at all being all batshit…but her whacko clone.

I’m not really sure which one it is, from stripping naked in a cupcake store to mowing down Angelinos to Tweeting sexy pics it’s all entertaining to observe. Just yesterday we blogged about some sexxxy selfies she sent out and last night she topped them by Tweeting out topless pics. Her breasts are mostly obscured by her hair or arms but you can see her nip.

Pretty great but it did result in Kim Kardashian’s ex publicist (?) calling the police and sending them to her house…


Yes, the cops were called to her house as the publicist thought these sexting style pics were a cry for help and that Amanda was going to leap naked from her window or something.

Don’t worry, she’s fine (well… as well as she has been) and hopefully the Bynes epic goes on, now here’s the bewbz, click for the larger versions:


  •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

    How come nobody sends the cops over to Rihanna’s house every time she takes a picture of he boobs?

    One a side note, I never would have recognized this person as Amanda Bynes.

    • BDY

      I wouldn’t have either. I didn’t remember her having such an epic set of tits or looking like a crack whore.

      •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

        Perhaps her tits have been enhanced? I don’t remember them being so epic either, but her face, her face looks completely different.

        • BDY

          Good point on possible augmentation. As for the face, cocaines a hell of a drug.

  • Dark Amor

    whatever Amanda Byne’s issues are … it’s obvious she is d-o-n-e wanting to be remembered for her Nickelodeon years and is ready to move on to something else – R Rated Movies and / or maybe Porn (c’mon Vivid Entertainment, you got a money maker right here, so get on it!) …

    • Dark Amor


      The verdict is in and Amanda Bynes will be serving three years probation for driving with a suspended license. Yesterday (5/9/13) Amanda Bynes had her Attorney file a no-contest plea and this only settles the case that goes back to September (when Bynes had her car impounded on-site for driving with a suspended licenser after losing it due to a few alleged hit-and-run incidents in 2012) ….

      This costly Court Case doesn’t involve Amanda Bynes’ DUI arrest back in April 2012 (when she side-swiped a police car in West Hollywood, then after refusing to take a breath analyzer test at the scene of the accident, was taken to jail). That case is still pending (& will cost more money in Attorney fees). A young actress is going to need money soon (& how do young actresses earn money when they’re not in television, or filming a movie?) ….

  • Ron Rice

    Someone call Charlie Sheen to see if any of his Tiger Blood stash is missing……….. cuz she’s WINNING

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