Amanda Palmer Strips At Concert, Fans Write & Draw All Over Her

by Bucky Beall on June 22, 2012

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Musician Amanda Palmer, who goes by the stage name Amanda Fucking Palmer, is the weird, freaky, sexy, art school, chick that Lady Gaga pretends to be. She’s definitely not as famous but she’s hardly underground either –  she may not be sexy in the same way as the mega popstars and the toned tanned blonde pornstars I have on this site are, but damn it! She has IT, she has the sex magic.

At a recent concert in Germany she stripped down completely naked and had the audience take magic markers to write and draw all over her.

And yes, she doesn’t shave her pussy or armpits, I’m a fan of a brazilianed bush myself but I know many of you, probably up to half of you, like at least some hair on the lady’s lady parts. For the bush lovers Amanda Palmer has an entire song about hairy hair pie, I stuck in the music video for it under the pics gallery…if that’s your kind of thing.

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  • Alpha Harlot

    I looooooooves me some Amanda. :) :) :) 
    Excellent article Bucky.  You’ve earned 2 blow job points. :)

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    dang some real hairy pits and vag but its all good

    • biteme

      Wow, what a surprise, that someone who would style himself “DonkeyPuncherrr” is a narrow-minded asshole.

      • Narrow-minded asshole

        Narrow-minded asshole ? How come ? Seems a perfectly good observation to me, she is indeed a hairy wench but, like stated above ” All is good ” :-)

  • tB

    1 word. EWW!?!

    • Organ_Morgan

      That’s three words.

  • BlueEyedBrigadier

    Wonder what her hubby – Neil Gaiman – thinks about this? Seems like he’s a pretty relaxed guy but everyone’s gotta line where they can’t find their Zen any more 😛

    • JakaAlreadyExists

      She’s been naked a lot since they got together, both before and after marriage, so I’m assuming he’s cool with it. Nudity, particularly the kind of nudity AFP does, as female empowering art, doesn’t hold much sexuality beyond the first, “oh, she’s naked”. If she started having orgies after her shows that might harsh his zen a bit.

      • BuckyBeall

        I get the impression they’re in an open relationship

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  • solonzo123

    are all this not madness? get more daily updates from

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