Bizarre Homemade & Artisan Sex Toys From Etsy

by Bucky Beall on May 20, 2011

Post image for Bizarre Homemade & Artisan Sex Toys From Etsy is a site for crafters, artists, and artisans, to sell their homemade wares.  You may think it’s the last thing you’d expect to see mentioned on our sex blog, as a quick look at their site reveals a lot of sweaters, jewelry, and knickknacks…but pop some dirty words into their search function and you’ll find hundreds of sexxxy items from handmade dildos to bondage gear made from recycled bike tires.

I popped on my virtual reality suit and uploaded myself to the interwebs and went through their site to find the most demented of the homemade pleasure devices they have for sale, for your consideration here’s my top 5 list of bizarre Etsy sex toys.

5. Cat 5 Cable Flogger

4.Unicorn Horn Rainbow Sparkle Dildo

3. Bill Clinton Special – Cigar Shaped Poplar Dong

2. CockGlock

1. Pink Pyrex Cross Skull Head Tip Dildo

  •  I totally want that cross shaped one…I’m a total etsy addict.  There was actually a guy that I used to buy my glass dildos (and pipes lol) from exclusively, but he just closed up shop one day and stopped making them.
    That made me sad. 

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