Cope With Fall With Miranda Kerr As A Naked Summer Nymph

by Bucky Beall on September 9, 2013

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As much as I don’t’ want to admit it, it’s fall. Sure there’s a few hot, sunny, days left (thanks global warming!) but the nights are longer and cold now, the leaves are changing, and the nude beach I hang out around to wank to live naked women is now empty except for other fat, middle aged, wankers.

But now in this post you can bring summer back, temporarily at least, thanks to one of the world’s top celebrity models getting her tits out for an outdoorsy, pagan, photoshoot. Supernaturally good looking Miranda Kerr puts on a daisy crown and takes off her shirt to lounge around in pastoral sexiness.

She’s married to one of the elves from the Lord of the Rings movies so I guess all that hobbit shit inspired her to get all fairy and witchy on a farm somewhere. It works for me, there’s boobs and it makes me forget I’m in exile from L.A. and stuck on the worst coast with winter coming.

Take it in via the gallery below and share your summer memories in the comments underneath the post:


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