Elizabeth Olsen Breasts On Display In See-Thru Outfit

by Bucky Beall on May 19, 2011

Elizabeth Olsen is the 22 year-old younger sister of the famous Olsen twins. She’s an actress herself and her first noticeable movie, the indie drama Martha Marcy May Marlene is just coming out. Fuck being in the shadow of her mega rich and famous sisters, she’s going to be known for her talents…did I say talents…. I meant tits…I’m typing all my posts out with my dick this week and it’s leading to a lot of typos.

Check out the outfit she wore to her movie premiere at Cannes, see-thru with no bra, girl you know how to work it, get out there and get some notice and do it right by working those funbags. If you don’t get famous at least your breasts will.

You can click on the images below for the larger versions:



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