Emma Watson Nipple Peek

by Bucky Beall on February 15, 2011

While googling “Emma Watson Redhead Ginger Nipples Breasts Harry Potter Porn” I found a bunch of words (beh! wordies) from a study that said redheads have more sex than blondes or brunettes. I saw something shiny so I didn’t finish reading the article but I’m assuming it’s because all gingers are devil spawns and their evil witch DNA drives them into a cock hungry frenzy.

So even though Emma Watson has a good girl image both science and demon hunters agree her redheadedness means she’s taking it in every orifice behind closed doors while chanting spells to make our crops whither. That Harry Potter movie she was in wasn’t fiction – it was documentary!

Now you know.

Now lets look at her nip, via this nipple peak pic, hi there… it’s waving to us.

Photo courtesy of TaxiDrivermovie.com

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    As long as shes 18 lol

    • Anonymous

      don’t worry she’s almost 21 now

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