Eniko Mihalik Nude For Lui Magazine

by Lola Byrd on October 17, 2013

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Eniko Mihalik is coming up in the world, this is her third appearance on Peeperz, which means I can no longer call her another faceless model with nice tits. Too bad, because that makes one more name I have to memorize. I kid, I kid. I’ll never memorize her name, it’s much too difficult to spell without googling it first to double check.

You know she’s good looking because she spent some time in Uncle (Bad Touch) Terry Richardson’s studio wearing some cut-off jeans and not much else.

The 26 year-old Hungarian model has piercing eyes, a sweet smile, and a pair of knockers I would love to turn into my personal pillows. I bet they’re like memory foam. Soft & firm.

This time around, Mihalik is posing for French gentleman’s periodical Lui Magazine, so-called because it caters to manly men’s tastes without showing split beaver – that’s how you know its classy and for gentleman. Also, there’s a random old dude with a beard in the pictures. He’s supposed to look rich, you know, the kind of guy that has mahogany everything in his office and smokes lots of cigars.

You’re supposed to look at him and want to be him, with the class, the style, and the ladies. I think it’s supposed to make you want to buy stuff. No clue who he is and what purpose he serves besides detracting attention from Eniko Mihalik. Feel free to pretend he’s not there, or feel free to imagine his white beard tickling your bum if that’s more you’re style.

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  • Robonino123

    Cause if there’s one thing a gentleman doesn’t want to see, it’s absolutely split beaver. SO ICKY!

    • I know, eww, gross. I don’t even look down when I take a shower for fear of catching a glimpse.

      Silly gentleman.

  • JS

    I know a lot of women like older men, yet one can’t help thinking that this imagery kind of propagates the idea that young attractive women are an accessory to wealthy older men, much like a Rolex… Not sure if it is demeaning to men, showing that they only have such a woman because of their money, or to women showing them as shallow gold diggers.
    She does have good boobs though. And, as I am not old and not rich, I will never know what they feel like…. 🙂

    • The older man in question is rather attractive and I’ve slept with my share of good looking older gentleman, but I agree with your analysis of the situation. He looks like he should be in an ad for Rolex, except his accessory here is a naked chick.

  • edwards21

    Two things of note. I noticed that Mihalik was actually kinda similar in its phonetic structure to Mahalo, which is basically the Hawaiian equivilent to Shalom. So I guess you can remember it that way sort of? Yes, there was like four languages there. Yes I studied linguistics in college, shut up.

    Second, I guess her boobs are all right, but she has an overall body aesthetic that’s just amazing. She has very graceful body lines. No one really talks about that aspect of a woman, but in Eniko’s case, I think the way she’s put together is far lovelier than any one attribute. More than the sum of her parts, as one would say.

    • It’s true, she has very graceful body lines. We never get model like that in art class.

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