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by Joy Topaz on January 31, 2012

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Yesterday, as I was leaving a Price Chopper in upstate New York with armfuls of weird shit you can’t buy in Canada, I was confronted with a badass, sexy, baby blue Thunderbird. So I said, “HEY! SEXY CAR! DAYYY-UM. YOU FINE”. But it didn’t say anything back (rude).

I’m a (mostly) straight girl but when I see a babe, I see a babe. I don’t care if it’s a fella, a chick, or a ‘Stang, I want to drool on it. Just ask my boyfriend, who’s a boner-fide (yeah I did) babe. I drool on him all the time. I was super riled up, so when I got home I Googled THUNDERBIRD. It was so sexy that I naturally then searched HOT GIRL IN THUNDERBIRD. Nothing. Then THUNDERBIRD SEXY. Nope. “There are no pictures of babes in Thunderbirds!” I yelled at Marigold (that’s my laptop’s name).  “This is. So. Wrong.” But obviously I’m just bad at Googling when riled. I took a deep breath and typed GIRLS VINTAGE CARS. Bingo.

But these sexy pictures made me realize something terribly sad: I’ve never done it in a car.  No letting down the passenger seat, no lustfully shoving back seat groceries aside for a five-minute fuck frenzy. I’ve never sat naked on a car, or poked my fishnetted calves out of an MG’s window. I’ve never even given or a received a handjob or head in a car. Dear Peeperz readers, please tell me that you have done filthy things to a beautiful person in a beautiful car (10 points for Thunderbirds).

Then watch this video with me. It’s already made me feel better twice!

Phoenix Marie mechanics of sex brought to you by PornHub

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  • Iso

    My fiance gives me wicked head while I’m driving, it’s just too bad that it isn’t in a classic car.  One day I will get that El Camino I have always wanted, and use that bed for some sweet, sweet lovin’.

  • Goiasinho_luceny

    goiasil  oi

  • Jake R.

    To me,there isn’t nothing hotter than a woman posing with a nice ass car.It’s the two things that most men like,women and cars.I’ve never done anything with a girl that involved a car,but after watching that clip of Phoenix Marie,I would love to do WICKED naughty things with her on the hood of a car.And if I remember correctly,last year on the Elegant Angel Podcast,Phoenix said that she loves classic cars too.Ooh Yeah!!!

  • Hum, nice cars.

  • JackStroke

    That’s some wicked dicky sucky!

  • zach net

    i shall have my car!!!!my wicked thunderbirdddd

  • G.I. 529

    It was springbreak of 06 a few months before i enlisted into the Army, so naturally I was out to get as much pussy as possible lol. Anyways it was about 1:30 in the morning just leaving the club with a chick a few years older then me due to the fact I was 16, so we’re drunk and hungry…..and did i mention horney?! On the wa back from club LaVela in Panama Ciy Florid to my condo we stop off at McDonalds for some drunken munchies. Turns out the drive through line as waaaay to long for her to wait to fuck me, so she leans over starts blowing me and jumps on my dick pullsup her dress and rides me all the way through the drive throug back to my condo….The guy who handed me my food gave it to me for free cause I was “awesome”, and its a suprise wedidnt get pulled over haha

  • Anonymous

    Nothing better then a classic car and wicked hot girl

  • I’ve got a car but no girl. My friends are all getting steady pussy, even the ones that don’t drive! It can’t be cars. It must be something else. I have the wheels but no woman.

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