Is Amy Adams Wearing Panties?

by Lola Byrd on May 27, 2013

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Amy Adams – super cute, perfect, girl next door, type girlfriend – can be seen here wearing a tan overcoat from the flashers anonymous Spring/Summer line. One of the main selling points of the flashers anonymous line is the coat’s ability to lift a woman’s skirt and show off her vadge to well meaning folk hanging around with cameras.

Sighhhhhh, I love that coat. As for what’s under the coat, I’m not sure. I mean, I love what’s under the coat, but what’s under the coat… that’s not what I’m not sure about.

It doesn’t appear like Amy Adams is wearing nylons or tights. She doesn’t appear to be wearing underwear… unless her panties are the EXACT same color as her skin… so if she’s not wearing any nylons or underwear, my question is, where’s the cleft?

If we’re indeed seeing a triangle of Amy Adams pussy where’s the gash? Where’s the cleft? Where’s the dividing line of flesh?

You, Peepz, take out your super computer, zoom in and tell me what we’re looking at. Can I say without a doubt that we are looking at Amy Adams pussy? Is this without a doubt a no panty upskirt? Say what ye think and let it be so.

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  • Robonino123

    Is she like Barbie? Because I’m not seeing anything.

    •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

      I’m going with Barbie, it’s the only explanation.

  • Super Dave

    you see pantyhose

    •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

      Yeah, but if you look at her knees it doesn’t look like she’s wearing pantyhose.

  • Pete

    I see a line in there. Hard to tell if it’s a messed up panty line or her gash. If it’s here gash it comes up quite a ways…..

    •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

      Yeah, I see the same slight demarcation. I thought it was maybe a shadow from her coat.

  • AkariK

    I think she is wearing a maebari, or maybe something like a c-string.

    •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

      Thanks for bringing the c-string to my attention I had no idea that thing existed.

      • AkariK

        When I saw your article about it, I was debating whether it was sparked by my comment, or if you knew about it from before and hadn’t thought about it. Now I know which it was :)

        I found out about them really randomly too, they look… uncomfortable.

        •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

          Haha, yeah. After I read your initial comment I immediately googled “c-string” and I put it in my “blog post leads” folder.

          They do look uncomfortable and they’re definitely not my thing, but I’m sure someone out there thinks they’re comfortable and sexy. Maybe.

  • anonnyscouse

    You can see a fold of some sort of garment from low left to high right. There’s also a subtle change of colour about an inch down her thigh, she’s wearing something very close to her skin colour, possibly very short pantyhose.

    •!/misslolabyrd Lola Byrd

      Do they make short pantyhose?

  • Dani

    She’s wearing Spanx

  • Sam

    its some kind of stunt tape, that’s what they call it in the bizz. What with her being on set, looking as if she may have a semi nude scene she probably slapped some on. Being nude is not really socially acceptable in casual encounters so most actors and actresses use different forms of stunt genitalia when working to not offend each other. The merkin is one such item. I’m pretty sure men draw a smiley face on a piece of paper and tape in to their junk because the women are always about to laugh whenever a semi nude guy does his semi nude scene.

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