Is This The Miley Cyrus Sex Tape?

by Bucky Beall on December 29, 2010

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Tube8 has a video that some websites out there are passing off as a sex tape of Miley Cyrus. With Miley in the news, this vid (and stills from the video) are circulating around the net with the claim that this is her sucking some serious cock.

So is it her?…..naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I fucking doubt it, it’s probably a lookalike – the vid’s been around for awhile, it’s just with all the recent Miley media coverage, and with Pornhub’s offer to give Miley Cyrus her own channel on the site, that people have jumped on this flick as being a Miley sex tape.

Still, there is resemblance….and anything is possible….maybe it is her. I put a link to the flick and some stills below, check it out – we also set up a poll to see what you think.

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Is that Miley Cyrus blowing the skin flute?

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Is it her? If not, do you recognize the girl, is it a pornstar or is this an amateur tape? Have you come across any sites trying to pass off this vid as an authentic Miley Cyrus sex tape? We need to know! Fill us in, in the comments section!!

  • Anonymous

    It does look just like her

  • Nick

    She goes by Sasha Brooke. Google it.

  • Juggernaut77

    Her name is Sasha from I-Friends.

  • Pjamese3

    It’s Sasha Brooke from i-friends. She does look like an Asian Molly Cyrus. But this chick’s got tons of videos with I guess her boyfriend and dancing and masturbating for the camera.

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