It’s Hard To Find People To Fuck Me On Camera

by Alpha Harlot on January 28, 2013

All my adult life I’ve spent a lot of my free time hooking up with strangers on the internet. It used to be a rush to chat for a few hours and then surprise a man by allowing him to bang me. Every single night I would make someone’s fantasy come true. Vagina is a powerful weapon.

My trick was always going to the cock, not waiting for the cock to come to me. I never did well with getting picked up in bars or out with friends. The Jersey bar scene has a very specific “type” of woman that does well. While I find my chubby thighs and huge boobies sexy, I physically didn’t seem to relate to a lot of the people that are in the scene (mind you this was also back like ten years ago and I also had nine facial piercings. I was definitely intimidating).

Once I started making the stranger on the internet fantasies come true, I starting wondering if I could make my own fantasies come true.

I would daydream about being picked up on the street by a random guy. We wouldn’t waste any time with small talk or anything. He would literally just approach me say, “Do you want to suck my cock or something, cause you’re just my type.” We’d end up going to a seedy hotel and paying for 2 hours worth of time to fuck as many orgasms out of each other as possible.

Here’s a delightful porno video that’s kind of a similar situation:

PublicAgent Rebecca has stunning blue eyes and a tight fit body. brought to you by Tube8

Hot scenario, right?

The older I get, the more I want actual conversation before I get in bed with someone. I’ve had enough bad sex to know that good sex tends to happen when there’s a bit of a mental connection happening alongside the physical. My head likes to get fucked just as much as my pussy does.

Talking with a person and trying to figure out if they’re on your level is the best part of the game sometimes. Other times, the best part is when you have to sneak out the back door with a dry cum shot on your cheeks when the guy’s wife returned home early from her business trip.

Not that ANYTHING like that every happened to me…I’m just saying.

  • Alpha Harlot

    I love the header image. lololol
    Craig’s on the brainnnnnnn

  • La Gordita Bonita

    I can actually one-up you for once, Harlot! The hottest smallest dick I
    ever fucked? Not only did we leave a club & go straight to a seedy
    motel/hostel… we totally snuck into a room WITHOUT paying, fucked on
    the bed & everything, and then left before anyone knew what was
    up… except the people in the other rooms next to the one we were in.
    Not my proudest moment… but yeah, I totally did that.

    • Alpha Harlot

      Pervert!! 😉

  • lil kim horny

    somebody fuck me good

  • mrfoad

    Well Alpha can I pick you up for a blow job because you are definitely my type

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