Kylie Jenner Is A “Weird Science” Experiment!

by Lola Byrd on May 19, 2017

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If the classic movie Weird Science was released today instead of back in 1985 you can bet your ass the “perfect” woman would look a lot more like Kylie Jenner than Kelly Lebrock.

It was never clear to me how two nerds in the ’80s were able to create the woman of their dreams using a computer. Convenient power surge or not the science behind that was bogus, but at least it led to some funny hijick and sexy scenes with Lisa.

What would you little maniacs like to do first?

Tall, leggy, beauty Kelly Lebrock is one hell of a good looking woman, but let’s be honest if two nerds got together in this day and age to create the “perfect” woman she would have an ass like Kylie Jenner.

Kylie already looks like she was created in a lab: fake hair, fake nails, fake lashes, fake lips, fake ass, fake tits, and that’s just the obvious ones. I don’t know if there’s anything actually real about this woman. At first I found that whole plastic aesthetic kind of fascinating, but now I’m just bored.

Scott Disick is my favorite Kardashian.

Apparently, Lord Disick is dating Bella Thorne these days and that’s only the second most disturbing thing I’ve heard today.

That ass is Juicy though.

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  • Zach Becvar

    Kelly Lebrock did a great job in the movie, but I think Vanessa Angel, who played Lisa in the tv show, was hotter.

    • Really? I never watched the TV show, but I saw a few pics when I was googling images for this post and I wasn’t wowed by anything I saw.

      • Zach Becvar

        I think part of my reasoning goes to how they portrayed Lisa. I liked the TV show version better. Kelly Lebrock is gorgeous, but her version of Lisa… I can’t really describe it, but it do it for me.

        • I’m assuming that in the TV show they were able to develop her character a lot more, which is always nice. It’s not all about eye candy.

  • Cody

    I wore out my dick yanking to Kelly Lebrock. Many, many nuts busted over her.

    • She provided some really good cosplay costumes too.

    • MPK1967

      True, but wanking is your sole form of entertainment, as well as exercise, Cody. I’m pretty sure your micro-penis is as callused as your hand, and your bedroom wall is crusty with mushrooms growing on it.

  • This reminds me of last week when I shoved a pillow sideways down the back of my pants and went and showed my brother saying “Look I’m Kylie Jenner!” He laughed. I laughed. We all laughed. Good times.

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