Lady Gaga Naked & Weird So You’ll Buy Her Shit On iTunes Already

by Bucky Beall on September 4, 2013

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Everybody, Lady Gaga is female similar in most ways to the other three billion five hundred and fifty-four million women who are presently aliveon this earth. Like all those other women when she takes off her clothes she is a naked chick.

Unlike the majority of womankind Gaga is famous and is working overtime to be even more famous so that she sells lots of pop-that-tries-to-hard to make some more millions for herself and for her record label. One of her techniques, because she’s so edgy and different, its to be topless all the time.

One needs to push the publicity machine into next gear when making a comeback (even though it’s only been two years since her last album and one year since her last world tour, Gaga is not coming back after a Sunset Boulevard Norma Desmond type of 20 year isolation from the public) and the Lady is straining the engine with a ton of nudity to get her into your brain and dick.

Here’s her newest topless bewbz photoset, take it in and give us your review in the comments section:


  • Kerogen

    The pics pass the arousal test for me.

  • LadyGagaIsHugly

    but she’s ugly as sin and her tits are not that great either!

  • Atreya Nixx Rivera

    To the ones who say shes ugly: Why don’t you grow a spine and let’s see how nice YOUR rack or man chest is. Scared? Thought so asswipe. STFU.

    • Magic Mushroom

      HAHAHA, you are so right….. she is no super model, but I wouldn’t hesitate. You’ll find that most of the “Haters” have fat wives who don’t keep them happy in bed…

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