Miley Cyrus Showing Off Some Hard Nips In Her Twitter Pics

by Bucky Beall on June 30, 2011

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I bought one of the (unauthorized) Miley Cyrus blow-up sex dolls and have it set up at the computer next to me so I can pretend that Miley Cyrus accepted Pornhub’s offer to come work with us and have her own channel on the site. She hasn’t said “no” to our kind offer, in fact she hasn’t said anything about it at all. Until she comes to work with me, I have the sex doll, who I talk to throughout the day and occasionally finger fuck with my lefthand while I type my posts out with my right (guess what I’m doing right now…guess…).

Since we have this special connection to Miles (as we, her closest friends all call her) we like to keep track of what she’s up to, and what she’s up to is hanging around in her fave outfit of a sheer white tee-shirt with no bra. Here’s some pics she tweeted where you can appreciate her breasts and hard nipples through some flimsy cotton. Don’t ever stop being daddy’s little slut Miles…and don’t ever go back to wearing a bra under your sheer tops.

You can click on the images below for larger versions:


  • Ralskie

    Bucky… I don’t want to start a war, but I have to say, I think Emily Osment is just so amazingly better looking then Miley. Miley looks like a chipmunk with daddy issues.  But Emily… mmm.     Emily Osment,  Eliza Dushku, and Avril Lavigne. Talk about a trifecta.  Even Ariana Grande is unbelievable!! (She’s 18, I checked 😀 ).  But Miley? Not even a half chub.     

     Find me special pics of Emily and  Ariana, there would be some kind of special thank you for it.   No money, no job, so a thank you would have to surfice lol. 

    • Anonymous

      Emily and Ariana! We’ll try to do something on them soon 😉

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