Morning Jerk Before Work: Ginger Lynn

by Dave Carter on December 15, 2010

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Pornstar of the Day: Ginger Lynn

Now, being a young man myself, I never experienced the age of VHS porn. I grew up in the world of Morpheus and Kazaa and all the other easy ways a young teenager can get easy, free access to grainy 30-second porn clips.

I may never get the experience of walking into the back section of a video store, and exchanging awkward small talk while a pimple-faced 30-something virgin from the video store stuffs a stack of pornos into a paper bag. For this, technology, I thank you.

Nevertheless, I can always appreciate a classic. Ginger Lynn is ranked as the 7th greatest pornstar of all-time by AVN, and has been in about 266 movies. She started out in the 1980s with a spread in Penthouse, and quickly began to spread in a variety of other mediums, including a treasure-trove of now-vintage flicks.

To give you some perspective: she was Vivid’s first ever Vivid Girl, beating out the infamous Traci Lords. Like fine wine, these types of videos just get better with age.

  • Chuchamunga

    lol Peter North looks so weird in that clip.

  • Dude6

    She was the very 1st porn star to make a million a year ,then 2,then 3 million bucks a year, i had the pleasure of meeting all those ladies when the LA Erotica shows started and this lady when young was very pretty, Traci was no chopped liver mind you but, for my money Christy Canyon was ans still is one beautiful Lady.

  • Are you SURE that’s Peter North? Looks a lot like Tom Byron to me.

  • Jdickson042

    That IS Tom Byron

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