Naked Yoga: Exercising Has Never Looked So Good!

by Lola Byrd on January 17, 2014

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Nothing beats a beautiful woman doing yoga naked. I’ve done a post before of naked women rock climbing and at the time I thought that was the best thing I’d ever seen. Of course, the danger element of rock climbing while nude does add a little je ne sais quoi but all the twisting and bending and stretching involved in yoga makes it the ultimate naked activity.

And it really doesn’t hurt when the woman doing all the twisting and bending and stretching is a stone cold fox. Said stone cold fox is Luba; wife of Petter Hegre who took these pictures of his beautiful wife and posted them on Reddit… with her permission, hopefully.

Obviously, the Internet blew up. A lot of people started leaving comments like “Eat a cheeseburger woman” and “I don’t dig skeletons.” Hardy-har-har. And although I would agree with the sentiment that fashion magazines and Photoshop have conspired to make the ladies of the world into walking bags of bones, which is NOT healthy, I do also concede that some people are just naturally skinny and that that is okay too.

What’s crazy is that Luba is not an anorexic bag of bones, she’s clearly thin and fit, but in some model circles she would be way too thick. In real life too, yeah she’s thin, but she also has some nice meat on those bones. Powerful meat, or you know, muscle. The reason she looks extra thin and bony in some poses if because, duh, yoga. If you’re a moderately fit person and you’re bending backwards into a vee shape two things are gonna happen: your rib cage and your hip bones are gonna pop out. That’s where she’s bending, yo.

Anyfuck, I don’t really care about all that garbage. Internet comments are notoriously shitty (except here where you guys all basically love) and all I really want to say is: “Damn gurl,” and “Damn gurl, those tits.” That pretty much sums it up. It’s all I ever want to say about everything.

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Via by @misslolabyrd

  • BDY

    She is an epic yogi. Her form is amazing and because of that her body is going to be extremely lean. She might be skinny but there is nothing wrong at all with her body. WOW!

    • I know, right? She had incredible proportions, which are only emphasized by the poses she’s holding.

      • Oh, and she’s clearly an advanced yoga practitioner. I know a little something about yoga and some of these poses are incredibly difficult.

        • BDY

          Back when I was newly single I started doing P90x to get into shape. As part of that I was doing yoga once a week. I didn’t think I would like it because I’m not a crunchy hipster. It was true I didn’t like it I loved it. It was my favorite workout of all the ones I did each week. It was so damn demanding and the payoff was epic. She is amazing and I’d be willing to be she could crush a can with her cooter, her core is probably tight enough to turn a lump of coal into a diamond is stuck in her vag.

          • Definitely. For a while there I did yoga every day for a couple months and I swear I got taller… Well, to be sure, my posture improved.

  • Robonino123

    Why are cheeseburgers the go to meal when the internets think someone needs to gain weight? Anyway this girl’s body is great.

    • I don’t know, but it’s really insulting to skinny girls the world over and to cheeseburgers.

      • Robonino123

        Then if the so called “skinny” girls put on weight they would be berated for being fat.

        • It’s a fucked up world we live in.

  • Leonard Taylor

    she has a amazing body. id pay to see women doing naked yoga

    • Post that as an add on craigslist, I’m sure you’d find some willing ladies.

  • Erswi

    I’d really just like to know how long she can hold the pose in number 29. I just need it for like 3 minutes. 4 tops.

    • Lol, I feel like that would hurt her head with all the back and forth movement.

      • Erswi

        Hey, I’m a gentleman… I’ll make sure to give her a pillow.

        • Hahahahahahaha.

          Good to know gentleman aren’t a dying bread after all.

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  • GLovejoy

    Besides swimming after my spinal cord injury in Afghanistan my doctor advised yoga, I laughed and even put it off for a while cause I couldn’t bring myself to join my wife’s “hippy” side of the family but that shit is no joke and I’m not suprised that she is so lean. I did security for Jessica Simpson when her USO stop was Kandahar and I didn’t even recognize her at first, people we see in magazines and in movies are filmed to be taller and or healthy and a lot of the times they have a personal trainer and chef. I called her mam and was a little gruff with her because she was taking too long getting off the plane, she just looked at me like I had lost my mind but in the moment I had no idea who she was

    • I don’t know why people keep associating Yoga with crunchy hippies.

  • GLovejoy

    Guess since I live just outside of Asheville and it is filled with trustaffarians (trust fund kids that live the hippy lifestyle )

    • Gawd, I wish I was a trustfund kid,

  • GLovejoy

    If I had been born with that kind of privilege I just hope I wouldn’t have turned out like a lot of that kind of people I have met along my own way. I’m sure you would have been fine cause shoes don’t kill people, people kill people 😉

    • True, but I do wish I had lots and lots of money now.

  • GLovejoy

    Well yeah that would be awesome, some of my buddies have talked about hitting a bank and with our special skills it’s a doable. My only reservation is the real world possibility that someone innocent will get hurt besides the drawers don’t hold enough cash to make it worth it so the vault is key but it takes more time, keeping it on the backburner until there is no other options. Guess I’ll just stick with my retirement paycheck for now.

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  • clubglamour

    Lube is one of my all time favorite nude models, her body is just perfection, hope she keeps shooting pictorials for a long time, some more info on her on

  • I’d start doing yoga if there was a nude yoga class to open up around here. When do we get to see Lola doing nude yoga?

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