Olivia Munn’s Sheer Underwear Causes Moral Panic

by Bucky Beall on January 13, 2011

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Geek goddess Olivia Munn is famous for being mad sexy but still liking videogames, comic books, sci-fi, and everything else nerdy that is typically associated with obese virginal adult men who live in their mom’s basement.

Though acting and modeling for years previous, she appeared in the public consciousness (and into the jack off dreams of World of Warcraft fans) as the host of the gaming lifestyle program Attack of the Show. That was her platform for taking over the world, as you can now see her fucking everywhere as a model, writer, and actress.

She was the center of controversy last year, when she was hired as a correspondent for comedy news show The Daily Show. Uptight websites said she only got the gig on looks not talent. That blew over, but now there’s a new controversy and this time it’s about her snizz.

Munn is the cover girl for the latest issue of pretend skinmag Maxim. Do you remember Maxim? It’s like a pg-13 version of an actual men’s magazine. Maybe you read it in the 90’s before the internet made it obsolete. Somehow, it’s still around, and it has Olivia Munn in sheer panties on the cover.

Since it’s sold to anyone at newsstands, prudes are upset about this. Dan Gainor of the  Media Research Center had this to say to anyone who’d bother listening: “It’s disgusting, Maxim has moved their magazine from tawdry to full-on pornography.” If only Dan! If only.

What’s the “Media Research Center” you ask? Sounds official, but it’s just a bunch of uptight wanks who spend all their time claiming communists run tv and the sight of women’s uncovered flesh is corrupting the morals of America. Here’s the cover in all of it’s glory, you really can’t make out her special place but now we all know Olivia Munn is a brazilian fan.

You can click on the image below for a larger version, so you can try to make out her pussy lips.

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    i think shes done maxim before. you should out any nice nudies or near nudies of her up! lol

    • Bucky Beall

      we’ll do up a Munn post sometime soon for sure!

  • Expletive:BMP

    I’ll have you know sir, That I don’t live in my mother’s Basement, I live in a bedroom. And even though it is the smallest bedroom, I’m here willingly. I don’t have to be here, and though I haven’t had sex, and dreams of giving my virginity to Olivia Munn, there is no need to think of me any less.

  • I’ve never been that excited to get the newest issues of my multiple free Maxim subscriptions, but when this one arrived in my mailbox, I flipped my lid over the fact that they printed the subscriber name box right over her pussy. I didn’t even get to see all you did here.

    Oh well, “sheer” pussy isn’t actual pussy. It’s a trick folks. You’re not really seeing her undoubtedly freckled, but no less gorgeous cunt.

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