Drunk Ass Rihanna Showing Some Skin

by Lola Byrd on August 5, 2011

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Actually, I don’t know if she’s drunk, but she suuure looks like she’s having a good time at the Barbado’s Kadooment Day parade. It’s been a while since we’ve posted about one of our favourite celebrities gone wild, Rihanna, and here she is making us all happy by showing off some skin in costume no less.

Kadooment Day is a crop over day and the people of Barbados celebrate this day with great vigor and joy. It is a day when the people or the Bajans (as they are more properly known), undertake a total cut of their grown crop. Thus, this day, as according to their culture, is of importance and should be celebrated on a massive scale. Thus, the people of Barbados have a cultural as well as emotional attachment to the celebration of the Kadooment Day. Furthermore, the people celebrate this day with sheer enthusiasm and madness. They dance in the streets and sing their traditional folk songs.

I had never heard of Kadooment Day before, but I’d like to thank the sex gods for bringing it to Riri’s attention. Otherwise, we might never have these photos of her showing her tits, grinding her ass into someones groin and spreading her legs wide eagle while wearing fishnet stockings. We should all celebrate harvest time with such vigor and passion.

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  • Indian Jimmy

    she isnt all that pretty…

  • Nepali Boy

    rihanna has hairy pussy it show fro the pics

  • Что же неплохо впечатляет!ого!!!

  • For a partly black girl, she has kind of a flat ass.  She is good in bed though which is somewhat rare for the celebrity type.  Despite our fantasies, most of them are kind of lames.

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