Snooki “Hacked” Self Shot Nudie Pics

by Bucky Beall on June 12, 2012

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I’ve been hoping I was done with the shower of cunts which make up the cast of reality show Jersey Shore, all the fucktards  on that program are down to the last few seconds of their 15 minutes of fame and that’s fantastic for me – true happiness is never having to write about, see, or think about JWoww, Snooki, or any of the other twats ever again.

But as their “fame” sputters out desperate attempts are made to stay in the spot light. Like these knew “hacked” and “leaked” self shot nudie pics of a pre-baby having Snooki. Most of them have black bars over the goods (except for one decent-ish puss shot), and only the edited, censored, versions of the pictures are floating around the web. You really think some hacker will go through the trouble of covering up DrunkWhoreSmurf’s tanned v-hole? Or maybe, just maybe, perhaps, it’s possible she leaked them to the web herself so that people can be reminded this 4 foot horror still exists?

You decide:


  • There’s something fishy about those pics… her vagina.

  • DonkeyPuncherrr

    i kinda feel shenanigans on some of these pics. The decent pussy shot isnt convincing

    • Bucky Beall

      I’ve been wondering about it myself…..just that one pic

    • It’s not convincing in what way? I kind of like it even if I hate anything having to do with Jersey Shore… I kind of dig her chunky thighs. 

      • Nemesis89

         I agree. Those are the kinda legs I like being in between. I just…wouldn’t want to be between hers. I’m not at all sure why but some self preservation instinct says “its snooki, on everyone else you’d bang that. walk away this time.”  I’m glad I’m smart enough to fuck another day!

        • “Smart enough to fuck another day” good one.

          Let’s hear a hell yeah for meaty thighs!

  • MainFragger

    There’s nothing to see here….move along…

  • Mgriffith

    hold up half of these pic’s are not snooki. the first pic has her with brown hair an tht dont look like her an its not the second pic is not nude everybody has a pic like tht. an the rest of the pics dont even show her face. come on get off it stop haten on her an hop off it…

  • timmer

    Our media knows you can not falsify a birth certificate, clearly these are un-doctored pictures.

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