Throw Back Thursday Nudity Edition: Susan (1977)

by Lola Byrd on May 18, 2017

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Oh man, the past was so great! This photoshoot is how you do Halloween. Don’t fuck around, just dress a woman up as a sexy scarecrow and call it a day. Don’t forget to finish the night off by taking a sponge bath in an old timey washing tub by the light of your oil lamp.

Wait, whaaa- Was this photoshoot taken in 1977 or 1877? The orange background on the cover pic screams 1977, but the lasso and studded saddled scream Wild Wild West.

Apparently, Susan likes it that way. She likes to think of herself as the reincarnation of a dance hall girl:

“Imagine having been one of a few girls in a saloon full of men who hadn’t seen a woman for six months or a year,” she told us. “All those lean, suntanned guys wearing boots, chaps and six-guns. Maybe it’s a good thing I’m not a dance hall girl. The way I go crazy for cowboys, I’d never be able to take their money.”

Not bad, as far as fantasies go, but I’m pretty happy living in a century that has electricity and indoor plumbing. My idea of the West is The Three Amigos and/or Blazzing Saddles. I doubt the cowboy life is anything like those two movies, though.

I don’t get people who romanticize the past. Life was hard, yo. Also, racism and stuff. Seriously, I’ve been watching Legends of Tomorrow and there isn’t one time period they can go to in the past where Jefferson doesn’t have to face some sort of truly horrible racism. Time travel isn’t easy when you’re black.

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  • Cody

    Wow. I hope you get paid for this, because you deserve it…….this is back when women were not afraid to have hair on that pussy. I love it Lola……Damn you girl!!

  • Wow Three Amigos, Blazing Saddles and Legends of Tomorrow all referenced in one post. Also I’m not sure that’s a sponge. Kinda looks like a loaf of bread. This shoot has everything. Scarecrows, whips, saddles, an electric fan, bread sponges, weird 70’s hat.

    • Haha, I hadn’t noticed the electric fan. There’s no running water and she needs an oil lamp, but someone manages to plug in an electric fan.

  • Zach Becvar

    That’s a interesting spat of references. I was watching Legends of Tomorrow, but the story arc was getting too weird. If it comes back for season 3, I’ll probably skip it.

    • I just started season two, I’ll see how it goes.

      • season 2 was so much better than season 1 but without watching Flash and Arrow you might not get the villains

        • Yes, but the death of Cold was a hard one to handle. I don’t miss any of the other people. Well, Rip was cool, but Sarah is a better captain. I do watch Flash and Arrow, so I’m all caught up villain wise.

          • But no one stays dead in comic books or comic book based tv shows

          • That’s what I’m hoping.

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