Topless Miranda Kerr Makes Fashion & Perverts Happy

by Bucky Beall on March 21, 2011

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Here’s some shots supermodel Miranda Kerr did for Victoria’s Secret that have just come out, one with sweet boob action and another showing off her lovely funbags in a see-through mesh top – giving Kate Moss and Paz de la Huerta a run for their money for the esteemed title of  “Model Always Showing Us Her Peeperz.”

I’m not sure why a topless women is supposed to sell bras to other women, but what do I know? I don’t know how to run a lingerie company, I can’t even run a blog, I’m actually illiterate and just hit the keys randomly until some stuff happens, I can neither read or write and as well lafjdawdopj ljeorutu’adjalahfoa ljdfflpajf.

I do know 90% of Victoria’s Secrets catalogs are used by men and are the go-to when their internet is down and they can’t hit PornHub. Maybe all of Victoria’s Secrets lingerie sales come from guys buying their women some nice undies to make up for their porn addictions.

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  • LMAO at the 2nd paragraph. Way to out yourself Bucky. How did you get this job again? They drew your name out of a hat?

    • Anonymous

      I use to smoke meth in companies carpark and one time I came into the lobby to get out of the rain…from there I found my way to a computer (somehow I blacked out) and people got so use to seeing me around they assumed I worked here, plus I think lfje[wqr’jpadfjjl; asdlpsfjda faslfjapjl al dfjal

      • That’ssssss why your teeth are missing……

      • DonkeyPuncherrr

        i want a job there hook it up

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