Truth Or Dare: What Perverse Things Have You Done?

by Lola Byrd on April 9, 2012

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I grew up in a generation where dares and bets where sacrosanct. It was a matter of honor. Sure, it might not have been as hardcore as the way of the Samurai, but we had our own code. To fold on a dare was to prove you were a wuss, and no one wants to be a wuss.

As kids on the playground, dares were pretty tame… of the “pull on sally’s pigtails” variety, but as we got older people got a little more creative. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve mooned in my short life, but it was a hell of a whole lot. Still, that was nothing but child’s play compared to the games of truth or dare we started playing as tweens.

It was a slow progression;  from kissing Jo on the cheek, making out with Jo for thirty seconds, letting Jo grab my left tit over my shirt… to letting five different guys suck on my nipples. In the name of truth or dare, I’ve licked the tip of my gay roommate’s dick, I’ve let some other dude slip his hand down my jeans so he could touch my pubes (I was fifteen, Brazilians weren’t on my radar yet), and I’ve walked down crowded city streets topless.

Oh the stories I could tell, which is, you know, what I’m doing, but what I really want to know is what pervy things you’ve all done while playing a good old game of truth or dare. I need to know these things. I need to be prepared, because even though I’m 30 now, I’d still be up to playing a game or two with you guys and I need to know what I’d be up against.

For each answer I get in the comment section I will post a picture of my tits! Game on.

  • i was dared once too fuck a girl in my bosses office while she was in a meeting

    • I read a smilar story in Penthouse forum when I was a kid. Not that I doubt it actually happened to you, just saying… I remember the story well. It was hot!

      • Ryan

        Do you remember which issue it was from? I’ve been looking for that same story for years

  • i did it of course…i hated my job and my boss and really didnt care if i got caught because she was hot

  • Iso

    Not a big truth or dare guy, so there isn’t much to tell.  Blowing a raspberry on my roommates stomach is the most out of the ordinary I have been dared to do.  Pervy? Probably not. Awkward? Hell yes.

  • esoteric

    got a blowjob from my girlfriend while going all the way through a drive thru with my roommate in the backseat

  • Hawkfn85303

    Got drunk one time and a friend bet me that i wouldn’t try to take the waitress with me. Long story short, I stumbled halfway down the block with the waitress over my shoulder, being chased by the other waitresses and the bar owner. 

  • Lastdispatch

    I ran a 5K naked.

    • I hope you at least wore running shoes. 

  • Ballymore_99

    Effed a chick in an AMC movie theatre projection booth, during a showing of ‘Blade 2’.  SOOOOO glad that people never turn around and keep their focus on the screen at all times……now let’s see dem bewbies!!

  • Skullman012291

    While this didn’t happen to me, I had a friend that was dared by his girlfriend to take a shot of tequila and then eat her pussy immediately afterward.

  • dave

    I had a threesome with a girl and a stripper in the champagne room on a dare.

  • PatJC

    During a night of heavy drinking while in a hot tub I was dared to make out with another guy for 30 seconds, I gave the darer a chance to come up with something else because I promised her that her punishment would be worse.  She stood her ground, I made out with my friend, after 30 seconds I vomited over the side of the hot tub (remember heavy drinking) while my friend yelled at me, “Why don’t you shave?!?!?” 

  • Johnsmith234

    almost had one with a girl and her roommate until i went over and found out her roommate was a dude

  • Matthew_naico1

    well I have only played truth or dare once when i was 15 but i had to steal a pair panties from my 26 year old neighbor and well long storie stort got caught but lost my virginity that night

  • zach net

    steal a girls pubes(yes, pubes) and smoke them with weed. Shudder…………

    •  Weird… haha… how exactly did you manage to “steal” a girl’s pubes?

  • If this keeps up I’m going to have to post a whole hell of a lot of titty pics. Damn it, now I have to learn how to use a the timer on my camera… unless I can find someone to volunteer. 

    • im super down lol

    • Big_funra

      i would be so in for that job.

    • Nemesis89

       I’d be up for that, and bonus: I’m an amateur photographer.

  • Nemesis89

    Oh damn, I could post each dare as a new post and really make this interesting….

    I’ve drizzled hot wax from a candle all over my cock, head to balls.
    Been tied up in the shower, and forced to find a way to cum or a bbw pisses on me.
    Publicly whipped at a birthday party.
    Eaten a friend out while she was on the phone with her bf, not allowed to skimp on it,  and just had to hope he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary and she could keep quiet.
    Gotten a blowjob in a church.
    Licked honey off a complete stranger.
    Ran down the street naked with a raging hard-on.
    Jacked off in a public park.
    Eaten cake icing off a woman’s naked and horny body.
    Been blindfolded and fondled by what felt like 4 people.
    Posted my dick on a popular imageboard.

    • Julie

      YOU ARE A NUT!!

      • Nemesis89

        Roses are red,
        violets are blue.
        This is the sound,
        of me not giving a fuck about you.

  • tnfella

     The thought of being with a man disgusts me to no end, but I actually enjoy it when my wife straps on and takes me anally.  For what it’s worth.

  • You guys are a bunch of lovable pervs, and now I have to go take so many tit pics. Thanks a lot. lol. 

    • Nemesis89

      Thanks for being so daring as to say that you would for every comment Lola 😀

  • Gus

    Lolo you us tit pics

  • Cbanksph

    in SF bay I was dared to get a lap dance by a transsexual exotic dancer. I am a straight heterosexual man,  This lead to multiple blowjobs, rimming, and sex the the Tgirl. I told her that I was dared to get a lapdance, she dared me to go to the VIP room with her. After a series of dares, I got 2 blowjobs, gave her one, rimmed her and fucked her ass.

    Second most kinky dare was by my college fuck buddy, I had sex with her on the lawn of the deans house

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