Tug Toner – Comedy Bit Presents The Best Device To Get In Shape

by Bucky Beall on November 14, 2011

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Before we get to the comedy you have to know what the Shake Weight is so if you have no idea what that is or what I’m talking about, check out these animated gifs of the ultimate arm and bicep toner in action, and remember we’re not at the sketch yet, this is a real exercise product you can buy:

Right, is it just me or does the Shake Weight make you think of something….

Yes, indeed it’s an exercise device that both gets you in shape and perfects your handjob technique, Jimmy Kimmel must have had it on his mind when he did this sketch on his show, a fake ad for the “Tug Toner”. Hit up the comedy vid below and let me know in the comments section if you too wish it was actually a real product, because I actually want to buy a Tug Toner after watching this.

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  • Lola Byrd

    Who doesn’t love masturbation exercise!

  • http://blog.youporn.com YouPorn Jude

    All it’s missing is a little squirt when the exercise session is complete. (see: South Park)

    • Lola Byrd

      The squirting would  only happen if you jerked it …errr…. I mean worked it hard and fast enough…

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