When Pornstars Sing: Lupe Fuentes Makes Some Party Music

by Bucky Beall on December 12, 2012

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“Little” Lupe Fuentes is famous for being small in stature but huge in fuck skills. But Lupe is now out of adult entertainment but don’t worry she’s not out of the entertainment biz. She’s started a party electronic dance band with some other hot babes who are also under 5 feet high.

And I’m willing to state that this band, The Ex-Girlfriends, are the best band in the history of music and are also the future of music. Their music is so good you’ll instantly party so hard your dick will grow 4 more inches. If you’re a chick your tits will swell up 4 bra sizes. This band is so good their tunes cure cancer and bring the dead back to life. So we’re posting up the video for their first single We are the Party to change your life.

Just kidding! I’m shitting you.

They’re terrible.

I’d rather listen to Little Lupe queef into a mic than this garbage. Judge for yourself and give us your review in the comments. And to say “sorry” I’ve included a fine fuck scene of hers underneath this atrocity:

Lupe and Kaylani Ass Licking brought to you by PornHub

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    Machete seems to approve.

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