Win The Pornhub Katie Sex Doll!

by Bucky Beall on April 1, 2013

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Around the Pornhub Social Media office what we hear most in tweets, emails, and blog comments is to see the breasts of our Twitter Princess Pornhub Katie…or for her to show her pussy….or requests from fans to take her out on a date that will end in in sweet love making.

She might be that kind of girl but she’s not that kind of girl, however, we have a figured out a way to fulfill the desires of you Katie fans: The Pornhub Katie Sex Doll! And we’re running a contest for you to win it!!

We teamed up with the German sex toy manufacturer AustricksenFische to make the world’s most advanced, life-like, realistic, sex doll. Here’s Katie posing with her fuck-mannequin replica:

PHKatieSexDollEvery aspect of the toy (EVERY aspect) has been designed by top scientists to look, feel, taste, and smell just like the real Katie. And like the real thing there is only one.

Yes, we’ve chosen not to mass manufacture what would easily be the world’s most popular sex toy, instead we’ve developed just the one and you can only get her by winning her in this contest.

To enter, just tell us who is Pornhub Katie’s favorite pornstar in the comments section (hint, if you don’t know off hand checking her out on Twitter @Pornhub will probably clue you in) and everyone who answers correctly will be put into a draw to win the Katie 2.0 – you have until midnight tonight to enter.


  • maiopinion

    Christy Mack

  • Summerswinger

    Christy AKA Ms Perfect Mack

  • skullman

    Why do I have this feeling that this is all just an April Fool’s joke?…

  • Tony Weber

    It could very well be an April Fool’s joke. Still no reason not to play along.

  • G

    Christy Mack

  • Yeti Simpaticon

    Christy Mack

  • Bib

    Christy Mack

  • Patrick Battaglia

    Christy Mack

  • stephen

    christy mack

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