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Missionary is Ye Olde Standard Favorite when it comes to sex positions. I’m pretty sure that it’s mainly because butts are nice and they are having a moment thanks to the resurgence of curvy, fit bodies. Missionary is no longer the go-to way to bang. That title is currently being held by doggie style according to the 2018 Millennial Sex Survey by SKYN Condoms.

Back when I was fucking dudes, I always loved doggie style, especially if the guy fucking me had a set of balls that were a bit saggy. If there’s one sexual feeling that I miss, it’s the way that balls feel when they are quickly swinging and tapping at my clit. It’s the spots that a dick hits and the easy way that it slides inside…and mostly the way that hands feel on my hips when I’m being pulled into another person’s body.

Plus it’s nice to get spanked and cum at the same time, but that’s just me.


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When tumblr was bought by Yahoo back in 2013 the Yahoo execs swore that they wouldn’t fuck up the micro blogging platform. Fast forward to
2018 and they’ve continuously done exactly that. The appearance of more frequent ads and the changes in a handful of features had people upset, but they weren’t up in arms.

Now though? The fuckers at Verizon are in control and they just shot themselves in the foot while covering all the dicks and clits in censorship. Tumblr announced earlier this month that they were no longer going to be allowing any kind of nudity on the site. The language actually reads:



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Peepz! It’s that time again where we all strip down and make each other feel good. I’ve been fantasizing about monster cocks splitting my pussy wide open this week, so I headed to PornHub to sift through all the goodies. I’m already exhausted from all the masturbation that I’ve endured today, and I know I’m going to end up getting off at least two more times while I’m writing because these clips are sexy as fuck.

Are you ready to ride a size-queen wave with me? Grab your favorite bottle of lube and let’s fap!

A sleazy real estate agent gets his cock wet in an employee’s pussy right before she shows a home. She’s dressed in business attire to begin with, but by the five minute mark, she’s stripped down and on her knees ready for a mouth fucking.



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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning porn site for women & couples. With over 18 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

I’ve never been one to grudge businesses charging absurd prices for their “high-end” wares. Sure, I’ll probably never have $13 million lying around for a Rolls-Royce Sweeptail, but who am I to say some NFL player doesn’t have the right to ensure his future personal bankruptcy by purchasing one?

At the same time, just because most of us don’t have the funds available to live the ludicrously-high life, we shouldn’t be practically shut out from a world of guilty pleasures, just because we’re financially shut out from the world of stupidly luxurious goods.

This is especially true when the goods we’re talking about are those which enhance people’s sex lives – and no, I’m NOT about to write yet another post about ridiculously expensive sex dolls.



Dress Tracks Touching

by Alpha Harlot on December 11, 2018

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Do you Peepz remember Hyper Color clothing? Back in the late 80s, early 90s (maybe I’m dating myself?) Hyper Color was all everyone wanted to wear in the summer. When you touched the treated cotton fabric, the color would shift. I had a purple tshirt that would turn from blue to purple, but I liked purple more so I would just touch my shirt all day long. Looking back, it was kind of strange to see kids making a game out of touching their clothing, stranger things have been fads though, I guess.

An ad agency named Ogilvy was hired by Schweppes to use a vamped up modern technology with the same basic theme of the hype color clothing. They sent three Brazilian women out into the club scene to track how often other people touched them. The touch-sensitive dress tracked all the data and after the night was over and the data was processed, no one was really surprised at the results.

Spoiler alert…they were touched a whole fucking lot.


Get Glittery for the Holidays!

December 10, 2018
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Every year, I paint my tits and stamp them onto holiday cards to send to any reader or random Harlot friend that asks for them. I love doing it. There’s something about the way that the paint feels when I’m rubbing it all over my nipples and the sensation of the smoosh as my boob […]

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Dick Shooting in the Meat Department

December 9, 2018
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My wife told me not to write this post because it would be controversial. I am obviously not heading her advice…so I will say before I continue on with this post that the opinions contained herein are my own. If you want to duel keyboards with me, feel free to do it on twitter because […]

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Masturbation Roll

December 8, 2018
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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet: Candice Swanepoel Tits Out for Fashion – DrunkenStepfather Sarah Hyland’s Nude Vacation – CelebJihad Demi Rose Black Pantie Upskirt – TaxiDriverMovie Megan Fox Nip Slip in New York! – The Nip Slip Starbucks Wants You To Stop Watching Porn In Coffee Shops – Smoking […]

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Fap Along With Harlot: Team Skeet

December 8, 2018
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Hello Peepz! It’s my favorite time of the week again, where we all get to strip down and have some fun with ourselves watching some porno. I was stumbling around PornHub trying to figure out what to use as a theme when I saw the banner on Team Skeet’s page proclaiming that they had won […]

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My Pussy Was “Accidentally” Waxed

December 3, 2018
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Body hair maintenance is one of those topics that is slightly taboo unless you’re straight up talking about genitals. I get my upper lip waxed every three weeks and have for years. I’m Italian and human…so the fact that hair grows on my face shouldn’t be all that shocking. The woman who has regularly waxed […]

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