Mindfulness During Sex

by Alpha Harlot on September 15, 2019

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Little known Harlot fact….I either clench my teeth or open my mouth so wide that my jaw cracks when I’m cumming. Orgasms are super relaxing to me after the fact, but the buildup? That makes my entire body clench until I’m basically begging for a release.

I’ve recently started practicing yoga and meditating all over again. Since I’m already in that frame of mind, over the weekend I was researching ways that I could relax more and enjoy the entire wave of sexual please from beginning to end. I came across the Mind Body Green article linked below that talks all about being mindful during sexual encounters, whether you are solo or with your partner.

They suggest three tips that were super useful to me, so I’m thinking that if I share the wealth with you Peepz you will be able to experience the benefits as well.

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It’s our favorite time of the week, my Peepz! Tonight’s the night where I scour Pornhub for the hottest naked time entertainment so that we can all enjoy it together. The subject of today’s Fap Along is going to be Luna Rival.

Luna is a nasty woman from France. She’s the type of porno actress that makes me drool. She’s tiny, so her fuck buddies are able to swing her around and get into her pussy in super interesting positions. I love the way that her ass looks in every single one of them.

Ok…enough talking. It’s time to get naked and start fapping!

Luna gets frisky for Reality Kings in this first clip. She’s gorgeous all in white and gets so creamy at the end that you can see the cum attached to her thighs.

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Fluid Sexuality as You Age

by Alpha Harlot on September 13, 2019

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I love reading the advice that Stoya gives in her Slate column How to Do It.  She seems to give sound, thought out advice most of the time. Her life experience and perspective give her a unique insight into the world of sexuality. She’s also really well spoken so sometimes her words sound like poetry.

In one of her recent columns, a male reader brought up his own blooming bisexuality. My DMs on twitter get flooded with the subject occasionally, so I figured I’d bring the conversation over here so that we can talk it out semi-anonymously.

The reader writes:

I am a 68-year-old man who has been married to a woman for 45 years, with three grown kids. Over the course of our marriage, we have been very active sexually, but for various reasons over the past five or six years, our sexual activity has declined dramatically. At the same time, over the past few years, I have become fascinated with same-sex encounters. Is this unusual, especially this late in life? How should approach this with my wife?

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DJ Flume “Sex” Tape

by Alpha Harlot on September 12, 2019

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Burning Man 2019 ended on September third. Now that the Playa has been cleaned up and emptied, stories about the infamous event are starting to leak out. It’s not only stories though, people have got the cell phone videos to prove what they saw.

DJ Flume is an Australian DJ who was spending some time making the people dance at Burning Man. In the middle of his set he saw someone holding up a sign that read, “Does DJ Flume Even Eat Ass?” In response to the sign, his girlfriend, Paige Elkington bent over, shook her ass for a few seconds and DJ Flume motor boated her ass cheeks in front of the crowd.

This is all clean Burning Man fun, Peepz.

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Circulation and Arousal

by Alpha Harlot on September 9, 2019

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I am admittedly an aging pervert. There are things about my body that were one way in my 20s and have completely changed now that I’m on the cusp of 40. I don’t mind, because it only means I have to experiment with my body all over again.

One of the things that my wife has noticed over the past year is that her arms fall asleep rather quickly. When we fuck, we can’t stay in one position for too long. I don’t really mind much, because I love moving around during sex. It’s only a buzz kill when I’m JUST about to cum and she edges me back from orgasm. Maybe she does it on purpose sometimes? I wouldn’t put it past her. Her circulation is a concern of ours so I started doing a bit of research on the topic.

Bouncing around through a few recent articles, I learned that the more you get your blood flowing through exercise, the more you are able to get aroused.

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Sex While Being Fat Can Be Amazing

September 8, 2019
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Long time readers will know what I physically look like. I fancied myself an amateur porno entertainer for quite awhile in a past life so there are naked moving pictures of my body in all sorts of compromising positions. If you want to see them, all you have to do is type my name into […]

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Fap Along With Harlot: Taking Cock

September 7, 2019
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I’m not exactly a size queen, but I do enjoy the feeling of being completely stuffed. Dicks of all sizes are nice, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something visually about watching a monster cock conquering a pussy in a porno flick. I’ve pulled together five clips with huge cocks for us to enjoy. I’m […]

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Vagina Bible Ads Blocked

September 5, 2019
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When I was growing up, I would whisper the word, “vagina,” when I had to use it. Though completely anatomical, society and social cues led me to believe that the word was, “dirty,” or at the very least rude. Penis I could say all day and not have an issue though. How fucked up was […]

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Sex and Emojis

September 2, 2019
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Every now and then when I’m writing a post for Peeperz, I want to accentuate my thought with a smiley face or a wink. I refrain, because while emojis are a part of my vocabulary outside of the blogisphere, I’m not comfortable enough with them being a legitimate form of communication. Part of me thinks […]

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Don’t Fuck in the Restroom

September 1, 2019
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There’s a Welsh town that is trying to deter sex in public restrooms by spraying down the frisky users with a blast of water. The $200,000 renovation to the park in Porthcawl is an attempt by the town to deter any kind of sexual misconduct and vandalism that may be occurring inside while also cutting […]

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