40 Old Men Banned From Florida Parks For Excessive Outdoor Sex

by Calvin Clark on November 5, 2018

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When I first came to the internet I only had one thing on my mind: cool Dragon Ball Z pictures. While porn did exist before Pornhub, all the amateur surfer could find were Real media files of two flesh-colored boxes rubbing together. Unless you had a really good imagination the only other way to masturbate was by use of picture sets but finding them was treacherous.

Peeling back the innocent façade of the internet revealed the juicy but potentially bitter fruit inside- for behind every link to hot, sexy coeds was the infamous “lemon party,” an image of several older men having an orgy that was circulated as a gag.

Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with old men having sex, it’s certainly a very niche genre. Grandpas fucking isn’t something the average person would expect to see in an email from one of your weird cousins who just got the internet and for residents of one Florida community it’s certainly not something you would want to see in your local parks.

After numerous complaints from residents of Florida’s Treasure Coast, police carried out an undercover operation that resulted in 40 men being banned from all Martin County parks for engaging in public sex along the boardwalk. Whoa!

“Operation Mangrove” was carried out by the Martin County Sherriff’s Office after several reports from visitors over the summer. While anyone who has visited the Sunshine State is aware that public displays of affection are common among tourists and locals who get carried away, the line has to be drawn somewhere.

According to Sheriff William Snyder, “the offenses were so egregious and so detrimental to the general welfare of the park going population that we felt it was the right thing to do.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about Florida authorities putting their foot down with regards to outdoor fucking. A few years ago we read about a member of a retirement community and her lover who were arrested after being caught with their pants down in the community green. Maybe it’s the intense humidity, excessive party culture, or fact that the State is shaped like a giant wang but people in Florida seem to have a hard time having sex indoors.

At any rate, the 40 people busted in Operation Mangrove were banned from all parks in the County and also warned that they would be arrested if caught having sex in public again. That seems like a really fair warning and hopefully these gentleman can find a suitable legal venue for their Lemon Party Club meetings.

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