5 Pornstars Who Ventured Into Rap

by Joy Topaz on June 29, 2010

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From the days of 2 Live Crew & Ice-T, rap videos have always been very sexual (anyone remember BET: Uncut?), leaving the crossover between porn & rap inevitable.

Here’s a quick overview of 5 pornstars that decided to dive head first into the world of rap:


Ever since big booty pornstar, Pinky, announced her aspirations to become a rapper, we’ve all been waiting to hear what kind of bars this snake-swallower can drop.

Earlier this year, Pinky graced a club crowd with a sample of her uhhh… skill.

Scroll to the 2:00 mark to skip all the babble & hear Pinky rap.

(*Note to the video uploader, rember is not a word in the English language – it’s remember, you Hooked On Phonics dropout.)


I don’t know what is going on in this guy’s mind. Apparently, it’s not enough of a leap for this pornstar to decide to even try becoming a rapper, but he takes it a step further & does a diss song against Rick Ross?

Dude – you can’t rap & you look like Lloyd Banks. Stick to porn.


Surprisingly, Jake Steed is probably the least painful to listen to from this entire group. His west coast inspired style has the kind of laid back flow you can listen to while smoked out… because why else would you be listening to a pornstar rap?

Bonus: Here’s another Jake Steed song & a clip of him flowing with fellow pornstar, Wesley Pipes.


Pornstar India, ventured into the world of rap with her song, “Get It Girl”. After watching the videos she most known for, I think “Take It Girl” would have been a better title. Either that or “Bend Over And Take It All In While Getting Your Booty Smacked… Girl”.

Nonetheless, here’s India’s music video for “Get It Girl”:


I couldn’t possibly end this post without mentioning Heather Hunter’s foray into the rap game.

The retired cum-guzzler did what she knows best & traded sexual favors for record deals with Island Records & Tommy Boy Records. Refusing to accept reality that rap fame wasn’t for her, the 5’3″ ebony porn queen took matters into her own hands and released an album under her own, very appropriately named, Blo Records.

Check out Heather Hunter a.k.a Double H’s “So Serious”:


Even though nothing really shocks me anymore, I have to admit, I was a little surprised to hear that even ebony porn cutie, Roxy Reynolds, has dabbled in rap.

While not going full-fledged with her own singles & videos like the others in this list, Roxy collaborated with almost-famous Gorilla Zoe in his 2009 single, “Talk Back”.

  • Anonymous Coward

    these rejects of rhyme
    as Public Enemy reminds
    don’t believe the hype

  • Anonymous Coward

    these rejects of rhyme
    as Public Enemy reminds
    don’t believe the hype

  • fucker

    i want to fuk u from big mp

  • Tru-vibe

    How are you going to do a blog on porn and rap and not mention Kool Keith!!! Thats fucked up! Check your Hip Hop! Even Akonely!

    • Anonymous

      Well, it’s a post on pornstars who rap and even though Kool Keith’s flow is pretty dirty I don’t think he’s starred in any pornos. I’ll do something on Kool Keith and pornocore sometime though, I saw him live as Dr. Octagon a few years back and it was amazing!

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