7 Pornstar Celebrity Lookalikes

by Jordan on June 24, 2010

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It’s 2010 and celebrity obsessions run high. Who came first the pornstar or the celebrity? Either way, these ladies make me look twice. There is something exciting and taboo about watching what looks to be my favorite celeb slobbering on a big cock or spreading her ass cheeks and shaking it. I find something especially delightful in these pornstar celebrity resemblances. Perhaps it’s because I’m easily entertained, or perhaps it’s because I’m a lover of all things porn. Regardless I think you’ll enjoy these edible doppelgangers too….

Madonna and Nina Hartley

I’m pretty certain that Madonna eats anything she fucks and that Nina Hartley does not. With that aside these too are pretty similar. With only one year apart in age, blond hair, big blue eyes and ripe(ish) bosoms these two MILFS share a delectable resemblance. Hell, I wouldn’t say no.

Rihanna and Lavish Styles

Ever wish there was a Rihanna sex tape? I didn’t until I saw the areolas on Lavish Styles; it’s like watching Rihanna with really great areolas. Even with their tops on I find they’re similar looking, both striking and incredibly sexy!!

Britney Spears and Teagan Presley

I miss the days when Britney was tight. Britto’s let herself go lately so I was kind enough to pluck a picture of her via 2006 to compare to the STILL tight Teagan Presley. The two share more than looks as both Britney and Teagan are both Divorcee MILFS. Got a thing for Britney via four years ago? Then you should check out Teagan in action (oh baby, baby)

Nicole Kidman and Diane Deluna

I’m not a crazy Nicole Kidman fan and I’m pretty sure you can see her sexin’ in some Hollywood films already. Regardless, discovering former glamour model and current pornstar Diane Deluna was still pretty exciting

Katy Perry and Violet Erotica

I’d have to say Katie Perry is cute like a bunny. Notice how her porn twin Violet Erotica is wearing a bunny costume?  Coincidence? I think NOT!! It’s like Violet Erotica read my mind.

Carrie Underwood and Jessica Drake

Numerous AVN award winner Jessica Drake is like a sexier, most interesting Carrie Underwood. Is that really difficult though?

Sara Jessica Parker and Sara Jessie

I’m a firm believer that Sarah Jessica parker looks like a Lassie dog (a collie to be correct). Even so, she’s the sexiest collie I’ve ever seen. Sara’s pornstar lookalike, Sara Jessie, has very similar features to Mrs. Parker. From the unique nose to the honey blond hair…apparently there is room for two sexy collies in this world. Arf!

  • Tim

    Not too mention that Sarah Jessie did a couple of Sex in the City parodies for Brazzers… Just Saying.

  • Tim

    Not too mention that Sarah Jessie did a couple of Sex in the City parodies for Brazzers… Just Saying.

  • Jordan

    You know your porn Tim! Well done 😉

  • Jordan

    You know your porn Tim! Well done 😉

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