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You like porn, I like porn, everyone likes porn whether they admit it or not, but if you get a chance to check out you’ll quickly start to see that some people have a much bigger addiction to fuck films than others.

The site is run by one guy, probably out of a dorm room somewhere, and he lists pretty much every porn site worth seeing. He even sorts them into categories, writes up detailed reviews and all the rest. What makes this site different from all those other “review sites” you may have seen, is you can tell by the sites he includes that this guy gives zero fucks about making money off his site and is all about actually getting access to terrific porn. How can you be so sure?

The Porn Dude lists free sites, taboo sites that credit card companies won’t even allow, torrents and every other useful spot for you to find high-quality smut! I asked him why he bothers doing so much work if he can’t make any money at it and he simply said “I’d be watching all this porn anyway, so for me it really isn’t any work at all. I get off on writing about porn almost as much as I get off on watching it.”

That may be the strangest fetish ever, writing about cum sluts and the sites that they star on as a way to find a few extra orgasms… but hey, if it works out well for him that’s great because the digging and reporting he is doing is definitely working out for us as well.



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on March 17, 2018

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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

Avril Lavigne in a Bikini of the Day – DrunkenStepfather

Michelle Borth Nude Sex Scene From “Tell Me You Love Me” – CelebJihad

Sarah Hyland Nipple Slip at the iHeartRadio Awards 2018 – TaxiDriverMovie

Olivia Munn Pokies in a White Top! – The Nip Slip

Cardi B Revealed That She’s About To Drop Her Debut Album – Smoking Section

Larem’s Perky Tits! – BoobieBlog

Autumn Lynn – Sand and Stone – PrettyHot&Sexy

Sexy Celeb Babes –

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I usually love getting ready for BDSM events. My fetish wardrobe consists of plenty of fishnet with lots of black and red undertones. Know what puts a kink in my plans? Fucking winter.

It’s pretty God damn cold outside in the dirty Jerz right now and walking around the city streets in sexy clothes while wearing a massive parka is not my idea of a good time.

I mean, if someone can figure out a way to get me one of those Mooseknuckle PornHub parkas I’d be super into it…because this off brand kneelength bullshit I rock every other day that it’s freezing outside is not about to make the cut.

This week, I spent a little bit of time hunting around on PornHub for clips that involved ladies wearing shirts with sleeves…because when I got ready on Saturday night, I was 100% wishing there was some way to look naked but still be wearing wool. Are you ready to fap along with me? I’ve got my Hitachi plugged in and I’m ready to go!

I’m going to start off this list of five with a bang…like, a huge bang. Aidra Fox proves that her body can take a whole lot of dick in the filthiest of ways. She keeps her long sleeve shirt on the whole time that she’s getting her holes stretched. This one is super intense.



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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning porn site for women & couples. With over 18 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

I’m a strange person. How do I know I’m a strange person? Other people have been telling me I’m strange, pretty much my whole life.

I don’t mind being strange, though. If anything, I tend to revel in it, or even cultivate my strangeness. I grow and refine it by associating with my fellow weirdos, as well as reading about and observing the behavior of other strange people throughout history.

Being strange is not without its challenges, of course. For example, when you’re strange, not only do faces come out of the rain, but you find yourself confused and befuddled when reading about things which normal people appear to agree upon, but which are totally foreign to you.

One of these generally accepted notions, apparently, is the idea hotel sex is better than sex at home.

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While I may be far from being able to buy my dream home, I appreciate the effort that goes into it for those who are. It’s the biggest purchase of most people’s lives and a defining moment after years of hard work and sacrifice. Purchasing a home is usually a goal people set early in their careers and not something to be taken lightly.

Most home buyers do a fair amount of research before they buy a property to make sure there won’t be any surprises. Though sellers are required to inform the buyer of any known concerns, some states differ on what is required to be disclosed before sale. For example, Arizona doesn’t require people to tell potential buyers if their home was used to film porn.

This is what a woman from Paradise Valley found out after putting an $1.8 million offer for a four-bedroom home on a 1.3-acre lot. However, after learning that house was used by a popular MILF porn website to do all of their shooting the woman pulled her offer.

As a fan of porn featuring mature women I definitely wouldn’t have pulled out, but to each their own.



Preparing for the Mile High Club in the Airport

March 14, 2018
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I don’t get anxiety when I fly, but I totally freak out when I’m getting from wherever I am to the airport. There was a stretch of time that I was traveling a lot, because of long distance relationships and shit. Every time I tried getting through security, I ended up getting pulled into a […]

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Church Upset With Local Nightclub’s Sexy ‘Nude Night’

March 13, 2018
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One of the hardest businesses to start up is a nightclub. While there is always going to be a need for places for people to get drunk and have fun, it’s a rather saturated market. Opening a new club is a risky venture which is why it’s not uncommon to see fledgling businesses come and […]

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Lea Michele After Party Nip Slip

March 12, 2018
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The Oscars are super long and boring, but everyone breaks out their fancy duds, so I don’t mind following along the pre-show stuff on the Internet. Every once and awhile though something happens that makes it worth following the news reports. This time around it was Lea Michele’s nipple. I haven’t heard much about Lea […]

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Retirement Home Hires Pole Dancers To Entertain Your Grandpa

March 11, 2018
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Thanks to advancements in medical science humans are living longer than ever, and as a result we are now also facing a surplus of old people. While most of these seniors are fully capable of living on their own there comes a time for some when that isn’t an option. Taking care of elderly family […]

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Masturbation Roll

March 10, 2018
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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet: Rita Ora Tits out of the Day – DrunkenStepfather Chrysti Ane’s Ass Proves The Need For Gun Control – CelebJihad Lea Michele Wardrobe Malfunction Results in a Nip Slip – TaxiDriverMovie Jennifer Lawrence Nude in Red Sparrow! – The Nip Slip Lana Del Rey’s […]

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