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Reading surveys about masturbation is always an enlightening experience for me. Finding out the average person doesn’t masturbate daily is like spending the night at someone else’s house for the first time and discovering that they don’t use flushable adult wipes in the bathroom. It’s an equal mix between shame and just feeling bad for how other people are missing out.

At any rate I recently read a survey that discovered more than half of millennials masturbate weekly, a rate more than higher than any age group. Hmm.

I’m somewhat of a generational tweener. While there’s no exact science to these kinds of things and the labels placed on people are basically just made up marketing flimflam, I consider myself to be among the youngest members of Generation X. I have the all telltale penchants for greasy hair, Snapple, and alternative rock.

I also consider it a noteworthy display of self-control if I willingly go more than 48 hours without masturbating. Based on my personal experience this survey merely suggests people aged 18-24 are less likely to lie on internet surveys.



Masturbation Roll

by RICK RODAY on May 26, 2018

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Peeperz presents to you the best sites on the entire internet:

Delilah Hamlin Nip Slip of the Day – DrunkenStepfather

Georgina Leeming Nude Sex Scenes From “Virgin” – CelebJihad

Olivia Munn Braless in See Through Sequin Dress – TaxiDriverMovie

Anja Rubik Nip Slip on a Balcony! – The Nip Slip

A Sex Educator Tells You How To Move Beyond Vanilla Sex – Smoking Section

Jade Kush in White Mesh! – BoobieBlog

Elizabeth Gillies – The CW Network’s 2018 Upfront Party – PrettyHot&Sexy

Sexy Celeb Babes –

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I’ve been spending a bit of time with my piercer lately. Yes, I still have a piercer even though I’m not heavily pierced anymore. She’s an awesome chick with a forked tongue who owns a piercing shop a few towns over. My wife and I have both gotten work done by her and her all female staff.

We went to Pride together a few weeks ago and she kept running into clients. She’d tell us, “Oh I pierced his dick,” and, “Her nipples were super hard to pierce because they were so small!”

It was like we had the inside track on what was going on underneath the clothes of all these people. That got me thinking about naked pornstars, of course. I put together a list of five PornHub clips for us to enjoy together that involve pierced nipple. Boobs are nice by themselves, but I really enjoy boobs that have sparkles in them.

You Peepz ready? Let’s Fap!

Of course I’m going to start out our pierced nipple play with some Burning Angel goodness. Anna Bell Peaks gets creatively crazy when she has a dick in her hands. Her boobs are great and her butthole is pretty awesome too.

A sweet and sexy fuck session shot in HD is exactly what I’m in the mood for. My favorite part of this video is the titty fucking action. The hot blonde really seems to enjoy the way his dick feels in between her boobs.

When one cock isn’t enough, the hottie in this Bang Bros clip breaks out her toy box so that her man can get her off. Listening to them make each other cum turns me on like crazy.

Scoping out live amateur cam girls is probably the quickest way to find a pierced set of tits. Sarah Banks gets frisky with herself while she’s making some money. We get the chance to watch her pleasure herself and suck off a super long dong.

I’m going to end this week’s fap along with a couch fucking clip (because we know how much I enjoy couch sex). I’m all about this babe’s smaller boobs that are rocking bars straight through them.

That’s all for this week, Peepz. If you’d like a fap along of your very own, hit me up in the comments below or on twitter.

Image: Ask Me Anything About My Big Boobs by Brazzers


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Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the award-winning porn site for women & couples. With over 18 years’ experience under her belt, writing about and for the adult entertainment industry, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite.

When I was a (shitty, smartass, disrespectful) teenager, I used to laugh at how out of touch my parents and other members of their generation were.

They didn’t know who any of the cool bands were, they hadn’t seen any of the good movies which were in theaters, their sense of fashion was stuck in the 60s and when they tried to speak to me in the same slang used by me and my friends, the only thing they managed to communicate was their cluelessness – which immediately translated into my embarrassment.

Now, as much as I loathe admitting it, I have become them.

Every time I spend more than 10 seconds around my nieces, I’m overwhelmed by how lame I clearly seem to them – something which is underlined, for that matter, by the fact I still use the word lame.

It’s not just hanging around younger people which makes me feel (or maybe “realize” would be the more accurate word here) old, of course. Hell, thanks to the internet and wireless technology, I can feel ancient without even leaving my couch!



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You know when you watch something that is so strange you feel like you have to share it with the world? That just happened to me. I’m sorry that I’m about to do this to you.

Candy Ken is super colorful character. In his instagram description, he calls himself a PornHub rapper. He’s a camera whore who loves Hello Kitty, temporary tattoos and very tiny underwear.

I like all those things too, so no hate here.

He’s hooked up with famous photographer creep, Terry Richardson to shoot a video of him rapping in all sorts of compromising positions.

Now, back in like 2015, Lola used to write about Creepy Uncle Terry all the time. It’s been a hot minute since we’ve covered what he’s been up to, possibly because he’s been laying low while allegations of sexual misconduct are being hurled in his general direction.

I mean…yeah. Super fucked up stuff was said about him and I don’t know that I was surprised in the slightest. He’s a creep. We call him Creepy Uncle Terry. He’s probably doing stupid shit that he shouldn’t be doing and making people feel SUPER uncomfortable.



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Masturbation Roll

May 19, 2018
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