A Rousing Game of “Let’s Find the Penis”

Day trips during the summer are my absolute favorite. On the weekends, I try as hard as I can to never sit still. Subscribing to the P. Diddy philosophy of, “You can sleep when you’re dead,” is totally the way to spend the sunshine months.

A few weeks ago, the Philadelphia Zoo had a summer ale fest and we decided to go. While we were completely unprepared for the amount of amazing beer we would encounter, we pretty much knew that the animals were going to be the highlight of our trip.

We stopped to look at the enormous turtles that they were exhibiting and got to talking with one of the zoo keepers. When we asked the turtles names, we noticed that they were all names of things, like Bubbles, rather than people names. The zookeeper explained to us that this was because turtles couldn’t be sexed until they were over 20 and looking to start mating.

Learning new things makes both of us happy, especially when it has to do with perverse trivia.

A fancy pants reptile scientist named Donald McKnight figured out that the easiest way for him to sex the turtles that he was studying was with a vibrator.

Turtles and other animals hide their sexy-time parts inside an organ called a cloaca. When a vibrator is applied to the cloaca and moved in slow, circular motions (just like I happen to enjoy being stimulated, btw), the turtle will poke out it’s peen and, VOILA! You have yourself a sexed turtle.

McKnight noted in a few interviews that he’s getting a bit of flack from his colleagues and is now being called, “The Vibrator Guy” at conferences.

It’s probably not the worst nickname to have, honestly.

I’d flock to a person who had that kind of reputation. It takes definitely style and technique to be able to use sex toys in a positive way.

What do you Peepz think? Is Donald McKnight a genius or a strange fellow who stumbled into greatness?

Let me know in the comments, but first have a look see at fantasy scientist Samantha Saint get plowed in her lab.

Source: Washington Post and Good Vibrations: a novel method for sexing turtles

Image:Ariella Ferrera in Dr. ScienceTITS by Brazzers

  • “Turtles and other animals hide their sexy-time parts inside an organ called a cloaca.” SAME

    I would think having a beer drinking thing at a zoo would be a bad idea. Or a great idea if you aren’t the one drunkenly falling into a animal pen and getting mauled.

    • There were security guards everywhere so no one was getting crazed…it was honestly a really really fun time. Tigers look amazing through a boozy haze.

      • I bet going into the aquariums drunk would look cool

        • We have season passes to our state aquarium. I’m going to have to try that next time.