A Squirting Good Time With A Sex Machine

There’s a lot of debate out there about whether squirting in porn is faked and if female ejaculation is a myth to begin with. Lots of people say “Gross, it’s pee”. To those people I say grow the hell up. Cumming, gushing, squirting, ejaculating, or whatever you want to call it is a natural phenomena. It’s hot as hell and great fun. Still a little squeamish about the mess it can create, invest in a sex blanket that will soak up all the jizz, sweat, cum, and whatever other liquid you might like to indulge in during sex. It will keep your 1500 thread count Egyptian sheets so fresh and so clean.

Never squirted before or never made anyone gush herself silly, google female ejaculating and learn a few techniques. It’s never too late to achieving your squirting dreams. Anyone can learn how to do this. I declare that anyone who likes to play with pussy should devote enough care and attention to learn how to play one like a maestro.

Want a few lessons here and now? Learn the four basic strokes. 1. THE IN-AND-OUT is pretty basic stuff, you want to slowly insert a finger into a well lubricated and aroused pussy. Slowly work up to more than one finger or even your whole fist if that’s what gets your motor running. As the pussy opens itself up with further arousal explore the depth of it with an in-and-out motion. 2. HOLDING refers to finding the engorged G-Spot and holding it for ten to thirty seconds. 3. When you reach the top of G-Spot with the in-and-out stroke, push your finger from side to side using a CIRCULING motion. 4. COME-HITHER is pretty much exactly like the in-and-out stroke, only you follow the upper inner wall of the pussy, past the dip of the pubic bone and hold the curve of your finger on the out motion so that your finger drags against the deepest part of the engorged G-Spot.

Alright, that’s enough to learn for one day. Check out these super hot and juicy pics, feel the blood rush to your cock, feel it swell up, wrap your hand around the base of your dick real nice and firm, spread a little pre-cum over the tip with your thumb and think of all the naughty things you can do with all this new found knowledge. Miss Lola says enjoy, May is Masturbation Month after all, and I approve. Now, get going you have instructions to follow!

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  • SeattleRox

    It’s definitely real – I’ve had the luck of having 3 girlfriends who could squirt…it’s fucking AWESOME!

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