Abbey Lee Kershaw Makes Love To The World

by Lola Byrd on July 9, 2014

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Cara Sticker is a big deal. Know how I know that? Because a 40″ by 26.6″ first edition print of this photograph costs a cool $1,805:


Yup, Cara Sticker is money!

I wonder how much dough Abbey Lee Kershaw made when she posed for Sticker? I bet it’s nowhere close to the price tag attached to any of the prints where she’s showing off her ass. I’m hoping Abbey made more than 20$ an hour, which is what I made when I posed nude for an artist.

It’s a shame, really. Models, at least artsy models, you know, the ones that don’t make the cover of Vogue are grossly underpaid, as opposed to their high fashion counterparts who are grossly overpaid. It’s a topsy-turvy world we live in and I have no idea how to make it right.

Boobs help. They don’t help the situation, mind you, but they do lift my mood in regards to the injustice.

Actually, Abbey Lee Kershaw is a fashion model so don’t feel too bad for her. I’m sure she’s rolling in the dough, but that doesn’t change the fact that way too many artists take advantage or young models who need the work and the money.

If you’d like to see Abbey Lee Kershaw in the flesh, or rather photos of Abbey Lee Kershaw in the flesh, you can catch Cara Sticker’s current exhibition “Make Love To The World” at The Hole. The Hole for those of you situated in New York is located at 312 Bowery. For the rest of you, The Hole is situated in yo mama.

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