Ace Navy Pilot Draws Penis In The Sky

by Calvin Clark on November 17, 2018

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My high school was near an armory full of artillery and armored vehicles from which someone once famously stole a tank before going on a suburban rampage. However one thing I have never seen is a Navy pilot drawing a dick in the sky. For this spectacle you would have to skip the top guns at Miramar and head to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island.

A pilot practicing routine holding patterns in the form of a “figure 8” noticed his plane was traveling in the approximate shape of two testicles. Seizing the opportunity he exited the pattern before looping back creating a giant shaft of compressed gasses that connected to his sky balls. The result of these maneuvers was perfectly rendered male genitalia in the sky above Okanogan, Washington.

Take that, chemtrail conspiracy theorists!

As amazing as this display of aeronautical control was local prudes were unimpressed. Rather than make up an excuse about how half of the formation was a totally legitimate holding pattern and the other half was an innocent maneuver that happened to look like Zeus’ dick, the Navy admitted an immature pilot was responsible and apologized for his immaturity.

Personally I grew up with flyovers at San Diego Chargers games and take pride in the abilities of our military’s pilots. Whenever I see, hear and feel those planes rip over a crowd I can’t help but shed a small freedom tear. Seeing them draw a penis above the crowd would be even better and a hell of an improvement over seeing an actual penis at a game.

Years ago we read about a security guard at a San Diego’s Qualcomm Stadium who beat off during a cheerleading performance. I don’t want to say this was the reason the team left for Los Angeles, but it probably didn’t help. Maybe if a Navy pilot had masterfully drawn a penis in the sky above the stands everyone would have been too distracted to see him and I wouldn’t have to root for the Rams out of spite.

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