Actress Shiri Appleby Leaked Sexting Pic

by Bucky Beall on March 18, 2013

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B list celebrity chicks, they’re just like us! Sexting their naked bodies out to people  they’re flirting with. The difference is when it’s one of us many people-who-are-not-on-television our pics don’t go up on sites like this for the world to see (but trust me you don’t want to see the dick pics I sext out to luck girls).

We’ve got a leaked selfie of television actress Shiri Appleby for you today, she’s famous for two things: starring in the early 2000s teen sci-fi hit Roswell and for taking the first money shot in prime time television last week. Yes seeing Shiri’s breasts is nothing new, as they’ve already been featured in sex scenes on HBO’s popular show Girls, and those boobs took a simulated load of cum, a first in American tv, just last week check it out:


In the leaked pic we see her whole bod in good lighting and some of her shaved cunt, we won’t get that on HBO, check it out and click the photo for a larger version:



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