Adorable Is The New Drop Dead Sexy – Lexi Belle Pornstar Interview

by Bucky Beall on January 13, 2011

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We love all the pornstars we interview here on Peeperz. But every once in a while, I’ll be working on one of these interviews and a co-worker will pass by and see which starlet we have for this week, and they’ll give me an “Oh I love her, High-Five” and then we execute the greatest High-Five the world has ever seen.

Lots of people have been fiving me when they see I have Lexi Belle on my screen. It actually took a long time to get this interview up, because people kept coming over and telling me all the dirty things they want to do to her. Her adorable looks and demeanor, when combined with her stellar screw skills, instill uncontrollable fuck lust in every man and woman who even glance at her image.

Thanks to this chat with Lexi I have discovered:

– the best thing about working the adult industry

– which gender is best at eating pussy

– secret lovemaking moves

– and much much more

Lexi is often playing the girl next door but don’t you want see her get really, really, filthy? If you want to see her nasty side I have just the right scene for you. In A Rough Experience, Eden Von Sleaze is bored of sex and all of the normal fuck encounters. She wants something new and extreme so she goes to a special brothel where Lexi Belle is on hand to rock her world. Click on this link for an eyeful: A Rough Experience

Is there still more you want to know? Do you need to know all the secrets of porn? Want to ask your favorite star out on a date? Is there anything at all you’re dying to know about porn performers? You can find out! Ask your own questions for the pornstar interviews. Just go and leave them here: Give Us Your Questions For The Pornstar Interviews.

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  • Awesome interview!! She is adorable and well spoken. I can see why she has done well in the industry!

  • Ttttt

    slut.. love her

    • james


  • Mtmleadcontrolller

    I’ll be there full suit and tie, flowers and chocolates, with tickets to wherever she’s dreamed of going.  Maybe a remote island, like Seychelles, dine at fine Restaurant (La Scala) in Victroia, then set sail for Pralline and weeks of endless lovemaking.

  • Pllk

    empty in head like hole in her

  • 448979946

    i want do and you sex

  • 1160169336

    love her

  • Flomercy2007

    love her she is crazi

  • Asmrnet


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