Adult Actress Arrested For Charging For Sex, Doing It Wrong

by Calvin Clark on December 8, 2016

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Adult actress Nichole Heiress used to exchange sex for money in front of a camera. This is entirely legal and is the basis of an industry that feeds thousands of families. However when she tried to exchange sex for money without a camera, she got arrested. Bummer!

Heiress allegedly posted on inviting generous men to “come play with a Playboy bunny” wherein she eventually negotiated to have sex with an undercover officer for $300. is an online classifieds website similar to Craigslist. It has recently become a popular target for police stings due to its prominence as a hotbed for prostitution. This is why I stick to strictly pro-bono sexual encounters. Sure, it might not be as quick, easy, or safe as paying for it but when a police officer shows up after you contacted them about having sex for free, it’s usually just to have sex with you.

Nichole appeared in over 30 pornographic titles and after thoroughly researching her work prior to writing this post, I can conclude she is indeed talented at what she does. Although I personally feel prostitution laws in the U.S. are archaic, it is still illegal in most of the country. Regardless, one has to wonder why she would be turning internet tricks for $300 if she already has an established career as a performer. Boredom? Cell phone payment? Horny and worth it? We shall never know.

This all went down in Sheffield, Ohio which, according to her twitter, is where the 24 year-old currently resides. Local detective Shawn Coor told news sources:

“This is a small community and people value the small community we do have. We just don’t want that type of activity here.”

Apparently people do want this sort of thing in their community if there’s a classifieds section on a popular website promoting it.

Lighten up, Ohio.

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