After Breast Implants Women Have More, & Better, Sex?

by Calvin Clark on September 13, 2017

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If you could get a surgery that instantly increased your self-esteem, body image, and confidence; would you do it? For men, there’s not a lot we can do short of having a couple inches of horse cock surgically attached to our penises. Women, however, can always turn to breast augmentation.

I’ll be honest – I like a nice pair of small tits. Large breasts are nice and all, but most of the time they’re like fast food hamburgers. They look awesome when advertised but are often disappointing when you finally get them in your hands. Gravity and 3 pounds of unsupported flesh are not the best of friends.

Regardless, many women decide to have their breasts augmented in one way or another. This could be to make them bigger, higher, or just improve their appearance. After it’s all said and done, how do they feel about their decision?

According to a survey, they feel pretty damn good.

Of the women who participated in the survey, 61 percent said they were having more sex after having their procedure with 70 percent stating that their overall sexual satisfaction had improved. It was determined that women who had undergone either enhancements or contouring were able to achieve orgasm more easily and were more easily aroused.

The speculation is that women who have a procedure done usually change the way they dress and the way they feel about themselves. According to a source associated with the survey, “it is not just about the ability to impress a man. It’s about feeling self-confident within, which enables you to enjoy a sexual experience more freely and uninhibited.”

So there you have it, ladies. If you feel as if your breasts are holding you back socially and you have $6,000 lying around, do yourself and the men in your life a favor and look into it. Alternatively, if you have small breasts and need a confidence boost just send in a picture and I guarantee you I will masturbate to them.

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