Agent Provocateur Has A New Sexy Video Ad About Clichés?

by Lola Byrd on September 11, 2017

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I feel like I haven’t seen a sexy Agent Provocateur ad in ages. Did they stop making them? Did I stop paying attention? Who knows. These things just appear.

Usually, I watch AP vids for the sexy lingerie, but this time around I actually found myself analyzing the content of the video. I need a little help understand what the hell is happening here.

First off, everyone knows that if you ride a motorcycle in your underwear you run the risk of ripping all your skin off if you ever hit the pavement. Skin grafts for days, I’m telling you.

Second, why are a bunch of dudes betting money on a couple of ladies playing pool in their underwear? Ok, granted, that one is pretty self-explanatory, but why are they behind glass? Right, because men are gross and they must be caged like animals.

Lastly, what are they clichés everyone is talking about? When the blond says that some clichés are simply not true, do you think she’s referring to something that’s happening in the video? And when the brunette says “Some clichés we love” what do you suppose she’s talking about?

I feel like I’m missing some profound revelation about life here. It has something to do with tops and bottoms battling it out during a game of pool and clichés, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten with my analysis. The lingerie keeps interfering with my thought process.

Check out this video:

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