Alexandra Daddario Is Clearly An Olympian Goddess!

I’m still a little weirded out by the fact that the first time I saw Alexandra Daddario she was playing the daughter of Olympian God Athena in Percy Jackson and the Something or Other. That was a kids movie. I know this, because I watched it while babysitting my buddy’s kids.

These days, though, when I look at pictures of Alexandra Daddario I’m like:

You never know. I mean, you gotta hope for the best.

You know, once I get over the whole kids movie thing.

I recommend never watching you’re Daddario’s early work. It’s just going to be disturbing and the last thing you want it to feel disturbed when looking at this photoshoot of Alexandra for GQ. It’s just so boobalicious. It’s hard to take your eyes away.

If you must take your eyes away,  you might as well take a moment and look at this Baywatch trailer:

I haven’t been impressed with the Baywatch pics that were leaked to the press while the movie was filming, but I have to admit the trailer is actually kind of funny. “Font bump” is my new favorite thing to say and it’s got me wondering just how much heat the Rock is packing.

As for Zac Efron, who the hell attacked him with the spray tan?

Everyone else looks flawless. And by everyone else I mean Alexandra Daddario.
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Check out this video:

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  • The Rock has fake boobs.

    I really wish that Alexandra Daddario was more like Emily Ratajowski in that she would be naked like all the time.

    • Erswi

      There’s always True Detective Season 1.

      • Let’s never forget True Detective Season 1.

        • Like 2 minutes of nudity isn’t the same/enough

  • Zach Becvar

    I know what you mean. I saw one of the Percy Jackson movies on tv around the same time as True Detective was starting up. That was a shock. She is stunning.

    • She has gorgeous eyes too.

      Did you ever watch the TV show White Collar?

      • Zach Becvar

        Her eyes are amazing.

        I saw a couple of episodes of White Collar, but I never really got into it. I know she was on it as some sort of love interest or something.

  • 世事无常,但这个博客定能永保辉煌!