Alison Brie On Community: Breastacular!

by mr skin on May 11, 2011

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Mr. Skin’s been watching babely brunette Alison Brie and her big, uhm, eyes for a while now, and last week on Community this young hottie confirmed that she’s indeed packing some major heat down inside that blouse. Alison played a smokin’-hot gunslinger clad in sexy leather pants and a low-cut blouse on the series’ annual paintball episode. Your spaghetti won’t be limp as you watch Alison’s left boob nearly jump out of her blouse as she runs down the hallway…

We know you’re used to more nudity, this being a porn blog and all, and Mr. Skin joins you in lamenting the nip slip that could have been, but seriously. Just watch it, it’s hypnotic:

In your quest for a more complete Alison Brie boob picture, you might stumble onto the 2007 fright flick Born, where Alison stars as a 21-year-old impregnated with a devil baby. There are supposedly Brie breasts in that film, but don’t be fooled- tit’s a body double:

Blasphemy! You can imagine spreading creamy, smooth Alison Brie with more sexy pics on!

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