Alyssa Milano Leaked Sex Tape?!

by Bucky Beall on September 10, 2013

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Maybe I’m dating myself here but I was raised by television and my parents were a mix of morning cartoons and primetime sitcomsWho’s the Boss? was a nightly fave and I watched it every day since the older episodes ran in syndication.

As I and the kid actress playing Samantha Micelli aged into adolescence, I started to have funny feelings for Sam, played by Alyssa Milano. Those feelings continued even after the show ended since Milano grew into a stone cold hottie and even now is yummy 40 year-old MILF.

That’s why I’m pretty excited to present this leaked, homemade, sex tape of a woman I’ve lusted over for more than two decades, truly a happy day for all of us perverts!

Okay, that video is obviously a prank but we have a good consolation for you. A nude 23 year-old Alyssa Milano dyking out with a chick for some forgotten 90’s erotic thriller:

Alyssa Milano – Embrace Of The Vampire brought to you by


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