Amanda Bynes & Miley Cyrus Bring The Sexxx

by Bucky Beall on May 1, 2013

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Our two top young former Disney-Girls-Turned-Crazy-Drugged-Out-Hotties both have new pics out showing off their very, very, nice flesh. Amanda Bynes, formerly a famous actress, now famous for live tweeting her ongoing mental breakdown, sent out some pics of her showing off her big boobs in just her bra.

And friend of the site Miley Cyrus has a porny photoshoot in V Magazine where she bares her ass and gets her tit out (though she covers it up some…boooooo).

The Amanda pics are good timing as  Twitter superstar Pornhub Katie has had an ongoing obsession/crush on Bynes with many a tweet sent in her direction:

At least Amanda Bynes isn’t pretending to be an actress anymore, she states she’s retired and is just blundering around NYC being fucking, fucking, nuts. Miley Cyrus is still pretending to be an actress/singer though she hasn’t done much of anything in the last few years but provide sexy material for this blog, not that we’re complaining.

Here’s the Queen Amanda pics:


Here’s Miley Miles:


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