Amanda Seyfried Naked In “Lovelace”

by Bucky Beall on August 12, 2013

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Bucky is a man with a lot of love in his heart and a lot of love juice in his love dong and he  just wants to spread it all out around. Often — well more like every single day — your pal Buckland “Bucky” Beall waxes poetically about some vagina-possessing celeb or pornstar babe. He loves them all and he hypes them all and he spills his seed for them all but some definitely stand out over others.

Take, for example, actress Amanda Seyfried, an almost supernaturally beautiful woman with a banging bod and some actual talent when it comes to acting. We’ve long been excited about her and the fact that she’s willing to get her kit off and the tits out for her art.

We’ve also long been expecting her starring role in the new biopic Lovelace where she plays the famous pornstar of pornography’s Golden Age, Linda Lovelace. Pretty pumped for this, because, you know, celeb nudity.

And now it’s out! And so are the stills of her breasts!! We don’t have the attention span to actually see the flick but these get two thumb’s up. Check out the gallery below and stick around after for a clip from the real Linda Lovelace doing her thing back in the good old days:

Linda Lovelace as Little Oral Annie brought to you by PornHub


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