Amanda Seyfried Nipple Slip

by Bucky Beall on December 13, 2012

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We have two kinds of celebrity posts on Peeperz – those where dumb celeb bitches we hate flash the goods so we mock them but we salivate over their bared womanly bits.

The second variety of celebrity article has a chick we love showing her nips or cooze and we write nice things about her while also including some masturbatory fantasies about said celeb. This article is the second kind, because it includes Amanada Seyfried’s nipple and we fucking love Amanda Seyfried and so should you.

She’s been in some huge movies but you probably know her for appearing as porno legend Linda Lovelace in the upcoming bio-pic and for her past nude scenes and sexy modelling being featured on this blog. And now you know her nipple as it’s peeking out while she signs some pics for fans:


And for a bonus here’s some more photos from the other night of her breasts at the premiere of her new flick, she seems like fun:

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  • aznAtlas

    I still wonder who would have made the better Linda – Amanda or Lindsey Lohan who was up for the part originally.

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