Amber Rose’s Bush Is Quite Nice, Don’t You Agree?!

by Lola Byrd on June 14, 2017

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Amber Rose isn’t so much bringing back the bush as joining a movement that’s been going on for a few years now where we’ve seen women show off more and more body hair, from their underarms to their pussies. As you all know, I’m all for the liberation of women and banning body shame to the dark dimension (I just watched Doctor Strange), so I’m always excited when an icon like Amber Rose tries to bring a little liberation and freedom back into our lives.

Amber Rose and her glorious bush:


It doesn’t hurt that she’s super hot too! Female liberation goes down easy when it’s got curves like that. Plus her bush is nice and neat with just enough density to make it hot. I’ve usually got some kind of bush going on, but I was going swimming yesterday and I didn’t have the patience to wax just the bikini line, so I used an electric trimmer to mow through the whole thing.

The internet has had some pretty good reaction to Amber Rose’s bush. Like this meme, which is hilarious:

? I’m so done with ya’ll Lol #baldheadscallywag #bringbackthebush ???

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But a lot of people are leaving hateful comments on her Instagram account. Seriously, Amber Rose gets a lot of hate. I don’t know how she handles it and I don’t understand people who follow people they dislike just to leave hateful comments. People needs to live their lives with a little more compassion and just let other people be who they fucking want to be.

Check out this vid of Amber showing a new type of strapless bra, but don’t read the comments:

Click on images below for larger tits versions:

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